Hi my name is Kinberly Figueroa I am a student at Oakland Unity High School. For the past few weeks  in English class we have discussed about robotic intelligence.

In my opinion robots at the beginning will be so useful, but then we will realize that they are doing everything for us and we won’t feel useful. Robots are going to be better than in so many ways, for example faster at doing our jobs and doing things us humans can’t do. This could be bad and good it could be bad because many of us will lose our jobs. An example can be found in the article “Better Than Humans: Why Robots Will And Must Take Our Jobs” by Kevin Kelly. “After robots finish replacing assembly line workers they will replace the workers in warehouse.” This shows that they will be much better than us after taking the jobs from factories they will take the jobs that we wouldn’t expect that robots will be able to do like cleaning the toilets, office taking care of markets, and so many others.  In the same article the Kevin kelly also shows how we are already interacting with them. “Every time you click on the search button you are employing a robot to do something we as a species are unable to do alone”(2012). These explains that We are already using robots and is not even affecting us it’s actually helping us, by doing things humans take a long time to do it, or not being able to do them. Robots are good because somehow we get attached to the which we feel that they won’t hurt us but at the same time they dont have feeling.  

In the article “Is It Ok to Torture or Murder a Robot?” by Richard Fisher he is a journalist and editor. He talks about how we get attached to things that are not alive. An example is “robot looks like it is alive, with its own mind, the tiniest of simulated cous forces us to feel empathy with machines, even though we know they are artificial” (2013). This explains that we will feel empathy for them and we would not think that they would be able to harm us or we to them. However in the movie I robot it show us how robots were so helpful and no one expected that they would harm the humans or even take over the world.  The three laws were a robot were, A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. Although these law were po prebet humans being hurt, in the movie Vicky starts controlling the robots so that they would kill some of the humans. A detective who always believe that robots were bad, knew that they were attacking humans but no one believe in him, did not expect that it was actually happening.  Vicky is a a type of robot that believe that in order to protect humans existence robots had to kill som humans. This show that they were not following the rules of robotics.

After this I am not sure if robots will be good or bad i guess a way to try to prevent that we need to put more laws and see what happens.

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