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Restraining orders are court orders given to keep two people separated. Generally, a restraining order prevents the perpetrator from entering areas where the victim resides, such as their home or work. However, it is shown that people who intend to commit violent acts against the victim will not stop purely because of a restraining order (ABCnews). One proposed solution to prevent this would be to implement a tracking anklet, such as those used in house arrests, to track the location of the aggressor, and notify police if the boundaries of the restraining order are crossed. This article shows the benefits that can come by enforcing these restraining orders through GPS tracking means. Other people believe that people should not have to be tracked solely because they have a restraining order against them (bbesq). This idea, however, is flawed. To get a restraining order, one must have had violence or a threat of violence. It is shown that violence from previous lovers is a serious cause of death to many women in America, many of who have restraining orders against them. With GPS tracking, we may be able to prevent the loss of life that can happen from being unable to enforce restraining orders due to the lack of GPS.




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