Are Animals Equal to Humans by Jesus

January 19, 2018


Are Animals Equal to Humans

Imagine animals, but not your everyday dog or cat, but a lion or giraffe, with a paying job. Or a hippo having to pay rent for the river it has been staying at for the past two years. Animals shouldn’t have rights because they don’t speak, they don’t have specific worries of a human. Although I don’t believe that animals should have rights, I do believe that animals shouldn’t be abused. Animals should at least go without living their last moments suffering. Animal testing is necessary to develop new medicines and advance in scientific knowledge.

       Animals can’t speak. Otherwise, it would be a way different story. Animals would stand up and speak for themselves, but since they can’t, people are going to continue to use animals for tests. A lot of people, if not everyone in the world should be grateful for what animal testing has accomplished. If it weren’t for animal testing a lot of people that are alive, now, would be dead. It has also helped scientists understand more about how animals work and that knowledge could help doctors, surgeons, etc.

       Animal testing is something I believe should go on and be continued because it has helped us, humans, in numerous ways. The most important reasons being, helping to create new medicines and to expand the knowledge we have on the world and the creatures living in it.