In “Araby” by James Joyce, the changes and growth of the narrator develops throughout the story, ultimately contributing to the theme of growing up. Beginning as a young boy with interest in play, school and everyday life, the narrator’s desires and time are consumed with his love and infatuation with Mangan’s older sister. It began as a mere crush, later becoming almost an obsession and religion. The narrator reveals that this new exciting quest for love made life like “child’s play, ugly monotonous child’s play,” a testament to his boredom of his youthful and carefree childhood. Furthermore, the boy’s emotions grew so strong that his “eyes were often full of tears,” leading him to become so desperate as to basically pray to the girl saying “‘O love! O love!’” The end of the short story reveals that the boy’s attempt to do something nice for his crush to win her love failed because he was not able to buy a souvenir for her from the bazaar, leaving him to feel hopeless and angry. Overall, the changes that arise in the narrator’s character demonstrate that a boy living in the boring city of Dublin, Ireland possesses aspirations for new things and excitement of love, ultimately coming of age to discover new realizations in his life.

I believe that I can utilize some of the elements included in the story “Araby” in my capstone project. I can emulate the descriptions of the setting by providing detail of the places that I include in my project. In addition, I can highlight the main character’s emotions and thoughts in order to emphasize the growth and development of the dynamic character in my short story or poem. Also, I think that I will include direct quotes and conversations between characters if I decide to write a short story. Using these elements will allow my creative writing skills to grow and hopefully create a better piece of writing in the process.

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