In the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, an event that no one ever thought that was going to happen took place. COVID-19 has placed all the world in a 7 month quarantine, wondering when this year is going to end as the worst events keep occurring after another. Although many have seen this mandated quarantine as just another bad example of the COVID-19 but, it is actually a blessing in disguise. Yes it has put the world on pause. Every event around the world has been postponed, the economy and business are failing; but staying at home has benefited us as well. Thinking of everything that this pandemic has brought onto this generation, this question has been in many people’s minds; are we truly prepared for another pandemic?

This global outbreak caught the entire world off guard. Every country and state has been losing so many lives and resources that they never thought they would need. Due to how the world responded to this current pandemic, we can conclude that the world is yet not again prepared for another. The number of deaths keep increasing by day as there are thousands of people who do not think this pandemic is real and choose to not wear masks and practice social distancing, causing those around to be paranoid. This just caused the spread of COVID-19 to be more rapid and efficient as it already wiped 5% of the global economy. 

Chinese officials conducted an urgent lock down to prevent a more rapid spread which the first two months of the virus, 1,300 died. Due to how slow those in China reacted to conceal the outbreak, the virus managed to spread around the world and affect the United States; as there were about 100 confirmed cases and 2 had already died from COVID-19. 

According to “Are We Prepared for the Next Pandemic?” by Patricia Smith, she deliberately talks about how the Wuhan outbreak was a factor that changed the world forever. Due to the foods in China, people had caught that virus and were overwhelmed at the development of COVID. The world is not prepared to fight against another pandemic. But they can be. The whole world ran out of essential resources that were desperately ended in hospitals to help those in need. The low amount of resources in states caused chaos which the news reported.  

Yes, this virus was deadly and rapid but due to the increase of technological advances, investment in public health, vaccines, antibiotics, helpful equipment, alliances, and direct health organizations can help the world be prepared for another type of outbreak.

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September 15, 2020 6:14 pm

Dear Monserrat

I agree, that these are hard times we live in, and that nobody saw this crisis coming. Personally, I was just looking at 2020 to be a New year/Decade, where I pull my act together, do what needs to be done so I can have a perfect life. Until Quarantine happened, and to me it was like life has fallen into a dark hole. I also agree that the world was not prepared for this crisis to happen, and that many people did not believe it was true, and did not listen to stay inside, practice social distancing, and to wear a mask. For me personally it affected me, but not in a huge way, like my workouts are different, having to reschedule appointments etc, and school. Yet with nowadays the Air Quality getting worse, in the Central Valley due to fires, Many of my plans have been cancelled, and my workouts took another hit. All in all I do agree that the world was not prepared for this, but we can be.

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