Pick a song; listen to it a million times; get a story going through your head; repeat. Practice walking; practice lighting; grab your character; make a good design; start over on it; don’t let it look similar to other characters from other animators; practice movement; practice hair movement; don’t make it look edgy; don’t be lazy on your work; practice scenery; practice; practice; practice; waste your hour making a 5-10 second video; waste your 2 hours making a 10-20 second video; waste your 3 hours making a 20-30 second video; waste your hours; waste your hours; waste your hours; remember listening to that song over and over and over and over again; well looks like you have to listen to it; over and over and over and over again to try to sync your animation with the music; with the audio; with the video you’re trying to copy; from the sound effects; from your series you were planning to do but was too lazy to finish that one episode; repeat the whole process; why would you repeat the whole process was the fact you lost inspiration to work on it; find another song to animate; think of another story to animate; design your characters; turns out you need to make more than 10 people; find your background; waste your hours looking for the correct background; you couldn’t find the background; pick another background that has the same subject towards it; turns out you found the background you looking for after an hour of animating the scene with the background you needed; your lightning looks too bland, it’s too bright; it’s too dark; it looks moody; it doesn’t fit the theme; it looks ugly; it doesn’t suit much of the subject; you can’t see the character from the lighting; add shadows to the characters; that’s too much shadows; add a bit more; it’s too less; keep adding more shadows; give your character emotions; stop making them look emotionless; that’s too much emotions; make them blink; why are you making them blink; you’re wasting time doing that; make them move a bit with their bodies; it’s distracting letting them move; add background character; you’re wasting your space adding background characters; add a lot of background characters; put in a few background characters; let the background characters move; why are they moving; that’s wasting time; they need to have emotions; why did you make them have emotions; they aren’t important; focus on only the main characters; the character designs looks blend; why is there too much stuff on this character; the character doesn’t look realistic; why do they look realistic; make them that fit the theme; put some cliche into your series; don’t put any cliche into your videos; make it look original; people like some cliche parts into it; people don’t like you putting cliche into it; your movements looks weird; fix your movements; your movements are a bit off; I don’t like the way your movements looks like; your lip syncing isn’t matching the audio; it doesn’t look well, don’t add lip syncing into your video; your hair movement isn’t good; fix it, do something about it; why does it look weird; I don’t like it; I want you character to date this character; I don’t like this character being with this character; your character won’t make a good match; I don’t like that character; your character must do this; must date this; must kiss this; must have a relationship with this; must do this; do that; do this and that; you’re animations are terrible and it’s cringy and I really don’t like it.  

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March 13, 2017 6:15 pm

Your poem, im guessing that it is, is very motivating, the beginning really attracts the reader. I hope to see what you will write next.

March 10, 2017 9:29 pm

This nice

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