Animation Project: Scratch It! by Jade T.

April 20, 2018


Animation Project: Scratch It!

Project Submission and Self-Evaluation

Hi! My story is called “ Me and the Flawless Blind Boy.” The story is about this girl, Sara Quen, who meets Eli Zan. He is blind and needs Sara’s help. They become friends, but Eli betrays Sara’s trust by leading her to a group of bad people. Sara and the people fight, while Eli saves his sister who was kidnapped by them. Sara escapes the gang of people. The next day, Eli goes to Sara’s house. Sara yells that Eli for doing that, so Eli leaves after he gives Sara his phone number. Sara calls him, explaining how she now understands why he would do that. She forgives him, and they become friends again. Sara is my protagonist in the story, while Eli is the antagonist who eventually becomes a good friend of the protagonist, Sara. Sara and Eli are both in 9th grade. Sara is known a the Girl who beats boys for fun, even though she has a good cause for hitting people. Eli is notoriously handsome, and his remaining sense are very powerful compared to the average human’s.

The process of making the animation was fun, different, and sometimes seemed unnecessary. I enjoyed making a script for the animation. Thinking about the characters and their reactions/emotions was fun. The storyboards we had to do felt very unnecessary, but I did like making them. As for the animation itself, it was difficult. I drew my main characters by hand. I had many broadcasts and dialogue, so it was a pain transferring them and coding it. But all in all, I really liked making the animation.