Animal Rights by Destiny

September 22, 2016


Animal Rights

Dear President,

For the most part presidents do not take time to get involved into the fact that animals don’t have rights. It doesn’t make sense how humans have rights which we are in fact animals and yet every other animal does not have rights. Such as the fact that hitting an animal with a car is okay and not punishable. But if someone were to hit a person they would be sentenced to prison.

Over one million animals get hit by a car each day. Over 56 billion animals are killed a year for food. Which is insane people can become vegetarians you will not die without meat. People should have to pay for what they have done, they killed an innocent life. Also the fact that we have a hunting season. Over 200 million are killed each year.

Animals don’t understand what we are doing or why they’re families are being murdered. People say that the animals are overpopulated which makes no sense because we have even more people. Like if you’re going to allow lives to be killed just for the hell of it, we might as well just have a purge. The human race also just keeps growing. And yet people keep saying animals take up too much space but we are the biggest race on planet earth Therefore reinstating the fact that we are the biggest race on earth.

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar