June 27, 2016

Dear President,

I hope this letter finds you well. I do not know whether you have a FaceBook account or not but there are many videos about dog abuse. It saddens me to see this abuse happen. I feel that people need to think before they react by abusing their dog. I think the punishment should be more than just up to one year in prison. “There are about 6,000 documented cases of dog abuse that occur every year.” This is a serious matter that needs to be controlled.

Growing up I never had pet. I did not have an understanding of what it meant to have a dog as a companion. When people would talk about their pets being part of the family I had no clue what kind of love they had for their furry friend. During my seventh grade I had a glimpse of what it meant to be a pet owner. Our family got our first dog, Cheerio, he is a small and at times can be a malicious chihuahua that has mood swings like no other. Yet, he is loving and caring and you can’t help but love him, even when he acts out of line. My dog eventually took over the house; it was nothing like that at first. My parents did not care for pets so my dog was going to be an outside dog. It all changed after a couple of months of him living with us. It is hard not to fall in love with him. He is always happy to see you and loves when you pay attention to him.

We treat him so much like family at times I feel as if he is more spoiled than my sisters and I are. As much as we love him, the fact of the matter is not all dogs have people who want to love and take care of them. There are people who neglect and abuse their positions as owners. They do not have a voice to ask for help. They are not capable to fend for themselves. Dogs put their full trust and love into their owners. The only way we can  protect them is to stand up for them.

Some people hit their dogs when they are not paying attention to their owner. “The most common form of abuse for dogs is either abuse or neglect”. But do you even consider that he could be having a bad day or that he may not have understood what you meant? Punishing them for that is not the correct way to make them listen to your command. Even though people treat them badly they still have it in them to love you. A dog is there for you when you don’t have anyone else. He has only you, while you have a job, friends, and other family members.

So the next time you feel irritated with you dog remember that just like you don’t feel like doing something, not in the best mood, or just couldn’t remember what you would supposed to do, dogs can make mistakes too. Not everyone is perfect and you can’t expect your dog to be one too. Every dog should be loved and taken care of; they are a man’s best friend after all.



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