My story with my grandmother is very beautiful because I and she have shared many things since I was 1 year old. She took care of me and protected me from everything and even keeps taking care of me from a distance since she lives in Ecuador.

My grandmother is very close to me, I consider her my second mother because she has always been with me, as well as my mother and all my family. Some golden details that I want to share are that since I was a year old I slept with my grandmother since she is my life and I don’t know what I would do without her since I was little. I gave my grandmother a nickname since her name is Rocio, and from very young age we called her “Mamita Cio,” or for me “Cio” – it means the diminutive of Rocio and from that moment my sister and my cousin and I told her about that way to my grandmother that way since I do not like to call “grandmother”, but yes, I started to call my grandmother that way and that is why my sister and my cousin also say so dearly to my grandmother.

My First Memory of My Grandmother is when I was a year old and always sleeps next to her since I was little.

My relationship with my grandmother is excellent, what we should know about the Coronavirus is how to protect ourselves.

  1. How are you protecting yourself from COVID-19?
  2. How does the pandemic affect you at work?
  3. How is the COVID-19 affecting your life?
  4. What is your greatest memory that you have with me?

How does the pandemic affect you at work?

 It is affecting me so much that I cannot go to work and I cannot earn money.

How are you protecting yourself from the COVID-19? 

 I am protecting myself by wearing a mask at all times, being 6 feet away and I am also only going out when I have major issues.

 Reflection: It has been very interesting to carry out the project because and learn more about my country and my grandmother.

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January 27, 2021 4:52 am

Dear Kerly : I appreciate how you’ve shared a lot of stuff about your world. Your grandma is a very special person to you. The way she defends herself from Covid-19 is very good because a lot of people don’t wear a mask. I will pray that everyone stay safe and healthy. Thanks for writing.

Rhonda Hendrickson
Rhonda Hendrickson
June 26, 2020 7:12 pm

I love that your grandmother at first said all of the memories she has had with you are great. She sounds like a very special person. It is very good that you are still close with her even though you live apart. She is being very safe by wearing a mask when she goes out! I hope she stays healthy and happy during this time of COVID. Thank you for sharing your grandmother with us.

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