My subject name is called Ariel, he is 16 years old, and he is Hispanic. I meet him the first year when I go into PSC, I meet him because I was sitting right next to him. And we talk every day. Something I remember the most is that we always go to school together, and we always play video games together, and we also play basketball in the gym every day. Also, Ariel has talent at learning a new language when I teach him Chinese he learned it really fast.

My first memory of Ariel was I met him the first year in my middle school, and he had the same class with me, and we were sitting right next to each other, then we started to talk, and we became friends since that time. Later going on, we got to know each other more, and today we are always together in school or after school.

The relationship I have with Ariel today is a very good friend, and during the COVID we always talk in the phone and play video games together we also talk about school works and our daily life.


What do you do at home to spend your time?

What was the hardest part about the lock-down for you?  What are the things you enjoy during the quarantine?

What are you grateful for in general? What are you grateful for these days?

How has technology played a role in your life during the pandemic?

Who is your biggest support during this situation? and who do you want to thank the most? 

When you go outside what do you see? What are the things that you think need to change?

Did the virus help you in some way, like you avoid something from happening thanks to the virus?

Where do you get your news? what are the headline you remember for recently?

How have your plans changed? What were you planning to do this spring and summer that is now uncertain?

Do you think the government handles this crisis correctly?

Are you eating differently now because of the crisis like do you eat a lot take out food?

Is there any of your family member died from COVID-19 or got effect it?

My first interview with Ariel on Wednesday, May 27/10 am

Excerpt 1: One of Ariel’s family members got to affect it and he was 65 years old and he died he also has diabetes.

Excerpt 2: Ariel is saying that it is hard for him to be not able to talk to the teacher’s face to face instead you have to look at the computer screen all day but he is enjoying the stay at home just like me.

The themes I choose to discuses with Ariel is

1.What is your biggest fear about the virus?

2.Where are some of your favorite public places to go in your city?

3.When you think about this experience, what is one moment that you remember the most vividly?  It could be the saddest or happiest moment. 

4.What you think about the protest?

My experience doing this project is that it makes me understand how others are doing during this time and how others think about this varus.

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September 8, 2020 6:51 am

Dear Zheng,

I am amazed about your project, “An Oral History with Ariel”, because it shows the diversity between your friendship with him and how you are both able to express yourselves. It is very great how you and Ariel are able to keep a great friendship regarding these hard times.

One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, “ One of Ariel’s family members got to affect it and he was 65 years old and he died and he also has diabetes.” This sentence is emotionally saddening as some people don’t realize that this pandemic really does cause the lives of the ones we love.

Thank you for this writing. I look forward to what your next writing is, I admire how you show the reality of how friendships can be kept even through difficult times. I would like you to continue talking about how Covid affects the lives and friendships between all.


Rhonda Hendrickson
Rhonda Hendrickson
June 26, 2020 6:48 pm

I’m so sorry that your friend , Ariel has lost a loved one to COVID19. You two sound like really good friends. I’m impressed that you guys were able to keep in touch regularly during the lockdown. Good job!!!

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