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An Object of Myth or Religion

My name is Xuefeng, I am from China, and I came to the US being two-half years. In my bedroom, you know, there’s a talisman on the door you must be interesting for. It’s about Chinese culture and Buddhism. Also, it’s a protection to let the evil thing leave away of us. You know, the cool thing is that my grandmother get this talisman from a monk master in a old temple, and the monk master prayed for it day after days. Then, my grandmother gave this talisman to my mom to protect her. Now, my mom give it to me because I met a lot of ghost in U.S. I know maybe you think it’s not real. But it’s true, I even met slender-man before, even I don’t know how I survive. This is all about the talisman I tell you. I think it’s just not a talisman, it also is my grandma and my mom’s love for me. And, an artifact is an object of myth or religion. It is valuable, because it is an symbol of culture.




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  1. Ishak 3 years ago

    Dear Xue Feng,
    I am interested your podcast because because you do the interview with the people in the street. But you don’t do the interview in the paragraph. But this show you do a hard work.
    One aspect of your podcast that stood out for me was “ It’s about Chinese culture and Buddhism.” I think this is important because most people didn’t care about history. This show you really know the history of China. And this important because most people didn’t like or didn’t care about the Artifact in own countries.
    I am really impressed about this Artifact it’s like very important for you. This shows us that artifact back to the Chinese history. this will the important thing of your life, because you show us the story how your grandmother got it. Now the family inherited with you. You will save it to generation after generation Now the family is inherited with you.
    Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I think you didn’t tell us all the history about this Artifact. This Artifact looks like important for Chinese and it’s back to the history.

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