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Due to the pandemic we are currently facing voting has became much different. Voting can now be done through mail in ballots since it is risky for many people to do in person because most of the time those who are in charge are above 60 and are more prone to getting sick. This has led to more of our country voting my mail. Though Trump does not accept of this. He believes that it is fraud, cheating and that anybody who votes through mail in ballots he will not accept them at all. This has led to many doubting and not knowing how to vote.

I believe that this new way of voting is perfectly safe and good because it prevents many from getting sick. This way more people get encouraged to vote because they wont be sick to go to polls in person and be scared of getting sick. This way they could vote from the comfort in their own space and then turn it in safely through mail. This means that it gives the opportunity to more people to vote which will be better for our country to decide and pick the next president of our country.




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