With the MLB season underway, fans all over the country tune in every night to watch their favorite teams play. After all it is America’s pastime and everyone (well most people) love the sport. Being the Yankees fan I am at 12 years old, I come home from school everyday and put on YES network which airs the Yankee’s game. I am really excited for what the New York team can do this year with powerhouse rookies like Outfielder Aaron Judge and Catcher Gary Sanchez. Although I am a big Yankees fan, I also love the sport of baseball in general. I play all year round on a travel team and watch any game I find on the television. This year looks like it’s going to be a great one for me!

Most kids my age however; do not feel the same way about the greatest sport. Baseball is rapidly decreasing in popularity to young kids. A Washington Post’s article reads, “According to Nielsen ratings, 50 percent of baseball viewers are 55 or older, up from 41 percent 10 years ago. ESPN, which airs baseball, football and basketball games, says its data show the average age of baseball viewers rising well above that of other sports: 53 for baseball, 47 for the NFL (also rising fast) and 37 for the NBA, which has kept its audience age flat.” This data proves how young kids are not tuning into the great 9th inning rallies. Many whom are shocked believe this is the case for many reasons. One point said by Laura Hudgens of hiffingtonpost.com is that kids feel baseball is too slow for them. Hits come a few times a game, home runs sail over the fences usually about once and diving plays occur every few games. This is not appealing to kids that have evolved in this video game era. In addition, playing baseball has the same reasons. Kids have at-bats about 3 times a game and barely one ball has to be fielded by them. They simply cannot be patient and admire the slow pace. Adding on baseball has a lot of competitors out there. This meaning that there are so many more sports out there that kids can play. This includes basketball, soccer, swimming and football just to name a few. A survey did by scholastic shows that kid’s favorite sports were basketball and football, with baseball being 6th most popular.

All these numbers and stats make me feel kind of sad due to the fact that I love baseball. I feel like a solution would be for kids to learn about the game. Many seem unfamiliar with the rules and regulations and by knowing this one can understand what goes on in the game. Therefore, one can come to appreciate those walk-off homers and diving double plays. Furthermore, kids should also learn about the history about this pastime. Some much has happened in the last century and so of it might interest many kids. Despite these facts though, baseball will always be America’s pastime and and apart of my heart.

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October 20, 2017 1:16 am


As a baseball fan myself, I can relate to how sad it is that people, especially kids, are losing interest in the sport. I also agree that baseball shouldn’t just “fade out” as it’s becoming less relevant, there’s a lot to love about the game today that it didn’t have in the past. While I agree that some kids would start to enjoy baseball if they simply got a good introduction where they learned the basic rules and strategy of the game, don’t you think professional baseball’s pace is the bigger issue? I for one barely have the patience, let alone the time, to watch many regular-season games anymore. The average time between pitches has increased to the point where the MLB is considering implementing “pitch clocks,” and the length of commercial breaks and the fact that they occur every pitching change is ridiculous. Since most people see sports like football or baseball on television before they even want to play them, wouldn’t overhauling televised baseball make the biggest change in kids’ interest in it?

May 11, 2017 12:42 pm

Dear Aryan,

I am enticed by your post “Americas Pastime Rejection” because of your ability to explain your poem with good information. I do not specifically agree with your argument but your article brought up some good points. You used your information well and made me very interested.

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