In America our 2 party system has been criticized by political scientists for being an ineffective political system that bogs down our country and does not allow the voters much of a say in politics because once a candidate has been elected it is very difficult to remove them from office based on the way our voting and 2 party system works.  Another things that happens when a 2 party system becomes the dominant party system in a democracy is the laxness of voters and the laziness of the entire system when their are only 2 choices to pick from in an election, for one it leads to a super centralized candidate cycle because most voters tend to be centralized on most political issues so that nothing of any value will be passed in a country’s political system if the only people holding office are super central in their policy.  A lax 2 party system also causes voters to naturally just vote for the other side of the spectrum to balance things out in government.  An entire party can maintain control of the 2 party system if they are able to rise to the appeal of the massive groups of centrist voters, a very similar situation happened in the UK in the 1980’s when the two major parties where very polarized on the left and right sides of the political spectrum until the Liberal party rose up in the center during the 1980’s, gaining enough support in the nations elections to become a major party holding centrist ideals while the left party found itself marginalized from the main voter population because left leaning centrists no longer had to flip to their party because they had found a party they connect with more.  With all these issues arising from a controlled 2 party system and the example of the UK’s 2 party system and its faults it would seem that a 3rd party rising up to hold the center of the political spectrum in America, and other 2 party systems to have at least one more party push into the sphere of politics.  The argument could be made that even though a 3rd party would help our government move better because it would allow the centrist ideals to shine through better in politics but smaller fragmentation of our political system would even allow us to have multiple parties in smaller positions then the executive branch that could still affect politics on the side of a smaller group of people leaning either left or right but not extremely far to either side like a super left wing groups and a super right group but instead 6 groups of smaller support groups based in various areas along this political spectrum allowing everyone with differing opinions a voice and a party to support instead of being forced into agreeing with a party as they do now in 2 party systems all over the world.  However this dream of a Utopian political party playing field is all but impossible to achieve with so much money and greed flowing through our elitist and over bloated government ran by 2 parties that possess as much money as they can in the American political system.   

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