A large issue with the entire 2 party debate is the realization that in today’s world this system might just not work while in another time it was the most effective and worthy.  This system can build up bi partisan differences in our government and create a divide between the 2 parties so that politics are not discussed with people different then you or on the other side of the aisle politically than you.  The idea of a candidate from another party winning an actual major election is important to each of the perspective parties so the parties are hell bent on winning every possible election.  The divide between the democrat and republican party has gotten to the point that it is massively corrupt and controlled political entity that is based on money and greed no matter which side of the aisle you align yourself.  More importantly these issues over the schism between the 2 party system must be fixed so that we as a country can begin to move the sluggish machine of government a little more than the divides we constantly have in our government and country now.  Our political system has been set up in a first past the post system that has eradicated any other major political parties through the fact that in order to win any sort of election and get their points across in the political sphere they must couple with one of the mainstream parties, a great example of this is the way that the green parties voters or people sympathetic to their cause tend to align themselves with the democratic party while the more right wing and conservative smaller parties tend to align themselves with the republican party and find leaders within that major party to represent and fight for their interests on a national scale.  On top of all of this many people in America feel that their needs are not being answered by the major political parties that are in the government today and feel the need for major 3rd parties to achieve more political standing in the American political system to better represent the needs of the people living in our country.  On smaller elections throughout our country a 3rd party candidate could win but would struggle to get any major policies or differences happening on their level of government because the other 2 parties will control all of what is going on politically around them.  Lastly the political system in america has proven itself to be extremely ineffective many times in our history and is even more prevalent today through all these issues getting any sort of law passed with such a large divide between the parties in congress and a super opinionated and non wavering executive branch which has just bogged down our government, which should be making all of these problems a call for change from the people to the government who need this change to continue to have faith in the political system of our country.    

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February 14, 2018 6:50 pm

I agree with you. America needs more than two parties. The two party system has made it easy to make generalizations and has made the American people decide on one extreme or the other. The American people don’t have just two ideas, so there shouldn’t be just two parties. One of the issues preventing an independent candidate was prominent in the 2016 election. Only the two major parties were in the big debates which I would compare more to a wrestling event than a political debate. Each debate was treated as a shown down. TV announcers were calling winners for each debate. My idea to change the two party system is to include smaller parties in the debates and for the media to start covering them as though they were serious candidates. How would you solve the 2 party problem?

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