Kristy Milostan

Mrs. Reed

American lit

8 May 2017

American Schooling

Education is a vital part of everyone’s lives and having easy access to schooling in America is a gift in itself. Unfortunately this gift is being misused and abused. Schooling in America has changed a lot over the years and while some changes have been good an overwhelming amount of them have not. While looking at the statistics it is easy to see that American education needs a change and fast.

When looking at the statistics it may seem that American schooling is actually at its all time high, with graduation rate averaging around 80 percent and most kids going on to graduate from college, it seems perfect from the outside looking in. Now although these statistics are great they aren’t all that matters. Schools are starting earlier and earlier across the nation even though many studies have shown that students, especially in high school, perform better at later times and that their bodies aren’t programmed for a normal schedule. Not only are schools blatantly ignoring these facts, but also many others too. For example, “the top-down, teach-and-test method, in which learning is motivated by a system of rewards and punishments rather than by curiosity or by any real desire to know, is well designed for indoctrination and obedience training but not much else”.

American schooling, although blessed to be at easy access to all, needs reform. While looking at the statistics and studies that have been done across the nation it is easy to see that the American education system should be changed.

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