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To me being American means many things and different things to every person, but right now most of them aren’t very good. We seem to argue over everything, not being able to come to an agreement (1). We preach ideas of freedom and independence, then blatantly take it away from groups of people (2). We still mostly hold to our ideals and people in America can still have opportunity and freedom. If you know what your American dream is then it’s possible to achieve it (3).

Our congress is notorious for arguing about every little thing and taking a long time to function. People in congress will say no to completely reasonable things, that both parties will talk about wanting, just because it’s being proposed by the other party. Take for instance the Covid-19 stimulus package. The first stimulus check showed how quickly congress can work if people will just agree, but the second round of relief has been put to on pause as both parties argue about how much money should be given and to who, as american people lose their jobs and lives because of this pandemic, both parties are just waiting away trying to make sure their party’s views come out on top. Then they blame each other for the delay “However, these also failed, with each side blaming the other for the delay.”(Jarvis 5).

Our country has many ideals and freedoms, most of them are written in the bill of rights. As most people know, the first rights are the freedom of speech and the freedom to peaceful protest. Obviously some people in the government have missed these because lots of police and the president himself have ignored BLM’s protesters rights as they try to protest something unjust. Sure there has been some looting, but there are also  stories of unmarked police abducting protesters. Then there is this story of hundreds of police officers charging at a group of protests and even people not protesting. This is a horrible example of people in charge talking about rights and freedoms and then taking them away without any consequence. This all while a pandemic is going on too.   

There are many bad things about being American right now and there’s a lot that we have to work on, but there still are some good things about America. Everyone’s still free and opportunities are still sound. The film American Creed showed this, it showed people enjoying the freedoms of America and the opportunities of it. As long as you know what your American dream is you can work to achieve it. The part of the film with the principal saying that her American dream was teaching and spreading knowledge, really made me think about what the American dream is, instead of some predetermined idea of how to live it’s just the general goal of everyone in America. That goal can be different from one another but everyone still has one, and every one has the ability to try and achieve their American goal. 

It’s weird being an American right now, it’s weird living in any country right now, but with how American rights are being treated and how our government and population are split with arbitrary party lines, I just don’t feel that we’re very united right now. We still have some things to be proud about, but at a lot of times being American just feels ugly. What does the rest of the world think about us? The United States of America fighting each other in the streets? Fighting each other in congress? It feels so wrong to me.    

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October 29, 2020 4:57 pm

I agree, you mentioned Congress and how if they worked together and put their disagreements aside we could get changes faster. I totally agree with that. Congress shouldn’t be worrying if their party’s idea is on top. They should be helping Us. The American people. They should be trying their hardest to help us. Especially during the pandemic. We need change to come now not in a few years. Great argument.

October 28, 2020 6:11 am

We had very similar arguments on the topic of congress arguing and trying to get what they want over efficiently and effectively carrying out their tasks and, in your case, providing relief. I also thought about how other countries might see us and our situation, and I have to agree with you on America having many things to work on currently. Good essay 🙂

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