What is American Culture, Values, and Creed

America is built on rules. “ Marking a book” (Adler) is an example of that, as there are proper ways of doing things and that needs to be followed for success. American strive for success as shown in “superman and me” (Alexie). Why would a child want to start reading without the intent to succeed at it eventually, while is learning like the child who missed a step in “My Papa’s Waltz” (Roethke), failure is still success but only in a negative movement. You learn the game by losing then by winning luckily.

But what is American creed? Well that’s a good question that there is no correct answer to, as american creed differs from region to region and from background. So lets instead address the topic of what does it mean to be American because that ties to the moral actions of individuals in this country.

Being American is something that you can earn, citizenship, but the overall idea of being part of this country comes from its founding documents,Declaration of Independence (US 1776) and The Constitution (US Const.amend.I).As these documents have stated, Americans have the right to freedom of religion, speech, life, liberty,the pursuit of happiness, etc…, so if all of these apply to you then you are American.

Americans all have a sense of pride. Our nation is indestructible. We survive all battles and prosper. We are all under false pretenses that our nation cannot be broken. This beliefs lead to narcissistic ways of life. The world is ours, everything should be handed to us, we don’t need to work for anything. These thoughts are what make America the land of opportunity to immigrant, their hard working nature makes it easier for them to succeed here. Our pampered life styles make us soft and unresponsive to the changing world around us.

Compilation of all these viewpoints make American creed incomprehensible or undefinable. To answer this question you cannot go into too much detail, so that leaves me with the notion that American creed is a sense of pride in our nation leading to actions to preserve and protect it. American is diverse, so American creed should be too.   

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October 12, 2018 5:21 pm

I agree with you Sanath on what really is an American creed it truly has many different views on what it can be because it does vary from person to person on their aspects on life. The knowledge they have or grow up with really will put a good thought to what they believe it is.

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