Good afternoon my name is Jason Saine and I am from ALEC. Thank you for allowing me to address this commission on the topic of mass incarceration against African Americans. As a representative of ALEC I can tell you I see the statistics of the percentages of different races being incarcerated. You can see these percentages on any online sight or prison system. In the U.S people who are incarcerated are arrested because they broke the law it has nothing to do with race. In the U.S people have a right to a Fair public hearing and a right to equality before the law. African Americans are not denied these rights in any way.

My main claim is that mass incarceration against African Americans simply is not something that exist.  People who break the law are put in prison. This is a fact that everyone knows. If you do not break the law you will not be arrested. People are given a right to a public hearing and the right to equality before the law. No one will be denied these rights regardless of race.

African Americans are not treated unfairly by the law or prison industries. 

All the criminals in the prison system have broken the law and as a result have been arrested. No one will be arrested if they have followed the law this is a fact. I am a representative of ALEC. We own the prison industries. I personally see the percentage rates of each race being arrested and why they’re being arrested. Given my position I can assure you I have enough information to say and prove that mass incarceration against African Americans isn’t a thing. Not only that, but prison industries are held accountable for treating all inmates equally regardless of race and specific laws are there to grantee that this equal treatment is enforced.

This argument is important because in the past the U.S was typically seen as a racist country and is unfair towards African Americans. On top of that there’s the history of slavery. This gives us a chance to prove the U.S has changed from its past ways and is now a country of freedom for all regardless of race. We do not violate any human rights. Everyone is given a public hearing,  equality before the law and are not discriminated against by the courtroom or jury.

There’s nothing the United Nations needs to do. Obviously places with more African Americans will have more arrests of African Americans and places with a higher population of Whites will have more white people being arrested. The percentage of African Americans are so much higher because the most crimes are typically done in low income neighborhoods. Unfortunately most of these neighborhoods are primarily populated by African Americans.

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March 22, 2023 11:48 pm

I can see your point of view. Do you still believe that black men are not wrongly incarcerated even after seeing many instances where black men have been wrongly accused of doing anything from situations starting with Trayvon Martin all the way up to George Floyd?

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