America Hope by Alzahra

August 28, 2017


America Hope

Dear Leaders of America,


I’m Alzahra Mohamed , im a senior at Fremont high school . My dream is to become a lawyer and help people and defend their rights . I learned a lot of things from Charlottesville . I learned or noticed that people aren’t really thinking right because of the way they’re rallying, okay I know that people go rallying to express their opinions,  thoughts, and what do they want but there is always a problem, people don’t express their opinions in a peaceful way, why there’s have to be shooting,killing , fighting, hitting, why? Is that the only way to express our opinions and thoughts? How about if we try to forget that way , there has to be rules for rallying and police everywhere to protect the protesters from each other because in Charlottesville it was horrible due to  the  counterprotesters being there to say that they want to remove the status from the park and streets but the white nationalist disagreed with that so they pick the violence way they shot people ,they’ve hitting people with cars , what kind of an awful and dangerous way they chose . I’m not saying that people can’t disagree with others no,they can and it’s their right to agree or disagree with what is going on around them but there’s way better ways to  express your opinions and thoughts.

I’m only an immigrant girl that came to the US  with my dad and family . We came to the US for a better opportunities for my dad and for us to get a better education. When I came  here it was totally different from my country. I was 13 years old when I came , now I’m 18 years old . My experience growing up as a teenager in America was kinda of hard because I didn’t speak English I had to learn hard so I can help myself and people around me too who don’t speak English. I learned or know a lot from and about America. For me America opened her hands to everyone and welcomed everyone without asking about their religion, race,and country . When I say America I know I’m talking about Freedom, equality, justice, and history. When I talk with my mom I say to her look at America it went through a lot of tough things in the past but it got over it and they will always do .

There’s always have to be problems and issues in every country and America’s issues are racism and African Americans oppression in someway because until now people still talk about African Americans and slavery . I’m not saying  that people can’t talk about slavery because at the end it’s still history but why can’t they talk about it in a respectful way or a way that doesn’t make African Americans get offended ,we have to make them feel comfortable listening to what people say and talk,not make them sad because no one in this world can disrespect them because we all know what African Americans had done to make people get together and also white people too they’ve done a lot to make people be the same and be treated the same but I don’t know why racism still exist why ?
Are some people trying to make racism stay after what had happened in the past ? Why they’re  trying to bring back all bad things that use to exist in the past why? Why can’t people forget things and get over it and go on ? America had suffered from racism ,oppression, injustice and slavery but then people got together and they tried for years to get things better and they gave their lives for America to be like how it is right now and look what a couple of people are trying to do , they’re trying to destroy all that but they’re not going to destroy it that fast because America was built for years and years . American leaders have to control and take care of what is happening today because if they don’t ,things will get worse and out of control . America will not let a couple of groups bring back all what use to happen in the past to now .

For every problem or issue there’s a solution but some problems or issues takes longer to find a solution that works for both sides . I feel like the the solution for racism, oppression and other things is inside us , inside people’s hearts and brains. Each person has her or his own emotions and feelings and these emotions and feelings are the ones controlling ourselves. When we see mean people that don’t care about anything ,we think that they don’t have feelings and emotions to feel others but we’re wrong because there’s a reason behind their means so we have to talk ,talk , talk  I wrote TALK three times because we have to use our words not our fists . I know that some people have hard minds that no one can convince them about things but there is have to be some way to convince them . My advice to Americans leaders is to set up rules for any rallies that happens to protect the protesters from any violence that could happen in any moment. American leaders have to give speeches to all the people so they can remind some people who forgot what happened in the past .

Is hard to keep a country save and equal for everyone but I wish that America could stay save . I wish I could see America save,equal , non racist in the future and also I wish people could change their minds  for a better future and non racist future. We wish the best future for America , future full with happiness,equality, peace , justice, and nonviolence future. If all different kind of people get together without seeing the difference in our skin color or race then everything will be fine and the future will be like a plan paper that we will fill it up with happy , beautiful, and great things . One thing that I want to say now is that THE FUTURE DEPENDS ON WHAT WE DO IN THE PRESENT.



Alzahra Mohamed