Amelia – Description of a Child by Emily

July 24, 2022


Amelia – Description of a Child

Amelia is nine years old. She is frequently late to arrive in the mornings, sometimes by more than an hour, and typically without explanation. Amelia has three sisters of different ages (11, 7, and 6 years old at the time of this writing), and all of these children typically arrive at school together. Amelia’s clothes and hair are always neat and clean. Her waist-length hair is always brushed and pulled back into a ponytail or braid. 

Most days, Amelia is smiling and joyful. She is well-liked by her peers, particularly the female students. Amelia finishes her work quickly and will often sit and read quietly by herself when she is finished. Amelia also enjoys reading during lunch and recess, frequently preferring to sit alone to read rather than to play games with other students. About once per week, Amelia will produce a self-written story or play that she wishes to share or present to the other students. 

Amelia is impatient, though not unkind, with other students who need more time to work or who require more explanation before beginning a project. Amelia prefers to jump in to a project as soon as she feels she understands the assignment, though occasionally she will miss important instructions. Amelia holds herself to a high degree of performance, and is curious and excited about most subjects.

When presented with feedback or criticism in any form from adults or peers, Amelia rejects the information and becomes angry. When I told her that she needed to speak more slowly when presenting her ideas in class, she became irate, screamed at me that I was wrong, and sat down with her arms crossed, tears welling up in her eyes. She was angry with me for the rest of the day, and yelled “I don’t like you!” at me nearly two hours after the initial outburst. The following day, she greeted me with a fun fact she had read about Abraham Lincoln, and was cheerful, but she still refused to adjust her speaking pace until her father told her that she spoke too quickly when presenting, nearly two weeks later. I was told by other teachers that, despite Amelia’s outbursts, she is gaining more skills at self-regulation than in previous years.

Amelia’s writing is clear, precise, and largely free from errors – well above the typical expectations for a fourth grade student. Amelia enjoys reading and stories, and typically brings four or five books of her own selection to school with her to read when she has completed her work, or during breaks. She loves books of poetry, U.S. History, and fantasy novels the most, but also enjoys books comprised of surprising facts. “Did you know…?” is one of her favorite conversation starters, and she always has an interesting bit of knowledge to share. Amelia’s curiosity and imagination manifest in her writing narratives and plays, and she enjoys performing her written works with her peers.