Amanda’s Character by Fatoumata

May 6, 2020


Amanda’s Character

Amanda, the protagonist in “The Glass Menagerie”, has a few traits that influence his relationships with others. One, she is bossy. Two, she is ambitious. Three, she is demanding. These traits influence his relationships with others. “TOM: If you’re going to make such a fuss, I’ll call it off, I’ll tell him not to come!AMANDA: Sounds to me like a fairly responsible job, the sort of a job you would be in if you just had more get-up. What is his salary? Have you any idea? TOM: I would judge it to be approximately eighty-five dollars a month.” she desired her kids to be rich because she thinks if you are not rich you can not be happy comes into play here when she tries to find a rich gentleman caller to her daughter even though Laura tell she is like another boy.

Later, on page <35-45>, Tom interacts with, Amanda basically controls him. “AMANDA: No, I don’t have secrets.  I’ll tell you what I wished for on the moon.  Success and happiness for my precious children!  I wish for that whenever there’s a moon, and when there isn’t a moon, I wish for it, too. TOM: I thought perhaps you wished for a gentleman caller. AMANDA: Why do you say that? TOM: Don’t you remember asking me to fetch one?  AMANDA: I remember suggesting that it would be nice for your sister if you brought home some nice young from the warehouse.  I think that I’ve made that suggestion more than once. TOM: Yes, you have made it repeatedly. AMANDA: Well? TOM: We are going to have One. AMANDA: What?  TOM: A gentleman caller!” Amanda’s response here deepens a reader’s sense of her demand and sparks a feeling of desperation.