We live in a world where family relationships are complicated. They can not even talk to each other and always have feuds. In addition, even between siblings, they can get along with each other. They always judge each other without thinking they are only one family. The third and four sections of “ The Glass Menagerie” By Tennessee might leave a reader feeling interested because the scenario of these chapters makes me think about different relationships that exist between family. They can not have a normal conversation with each other. As I noticed Amanda and her son were not able to sit together and play together. It was very difficult for them. Even between Amanda and her daughter, it was very hard for them to talk and smile together. 

An example of the character of Amanda. She is a mother who wants to get involved in all her children’s life. Also, her ambition and materialist as a woman. However, the one thing that she overdone because she wants her daughter Laura to fall in love with someone who is wealthy and married.  One example from the play is when it says, “ I know, but it’s not good for you. We have to do all that we can to build ourselves up. In these trying times we live in, all that we have to cling to is – each other. . . . That’s why it’s so important to – Tom,! – I sent out your sister so I could discuss something with you. If you hadn’t spoken I would have spoken to you” this is to show us how I deserve to get my daughter married to someone who has a good class then us. Since I’m tired to still live in my conditions of life. Then I am a woman who cares about society thinking I like to compare myself”. I think the description that I am quoting here adds really change the sentiments and thoughts of the readers because through that they can know how Amanda is. Moreover, they can see that Amanda wants her daughter to be successful in the future. She wants to have a good life through her daughter. A reader’s questions might start on page 167 to 172 “TOM: Then most young men are not employed in a warehouse. AMANDA: The world is full of young men employed in warehouses and offices and factories.

TOM: Do all of them find adventure in their careers?AMANDA: They do or they do without it! Not everybody has a craze for adventure.TOM: Man is by instinct a lover, a hunter, a fighter, and none of those instincts are given much play at the warehouse!AMANDA: Man is by instinct! Don’t quote instinct to me! Instinct is something that people have got away from! It belongs to animals! Christian adults don’t want it!” . In addition, from this quote AMANDA: “ they do or they do without it! Not everybody has a craze for adventure”. This means that Amanda desires for her daughter to have a man that is already working. This is why she still disturbs her daughter to get married to a man who works or has a career that can help them to have a good status that she desires.  It is really important because in our society now a lot of mothers want their daughters to get married to rich men that can help them with their condition lives.  The author uses some literary elements to help the readers to understand the play.  After this part of the play, most readers would likely look forward to reading the rest of this play because it shows what happens in some families in real life.  The next thing that will occur in the play will be the character of Tom because he is a selfish man and ambitious like his mother Amanda.

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