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Assessment Framework: Civically Engaged Writing Analysis Continuum

OpenAI Playground (text-davinci-003 model) Results

Based on Four AI Mojo Templates with Prompts Paraphrased from Descriptions of Attributes and Dimension (linked below)

Attribute: Employs a Public Voice

Dimension: Rhetorical Choices

My Strengths: In my writing, I use an effective combination of facts, statistics, and personal stories to effectively communicate my point of view. For example, I cite the statistic that 89% of the population on the Pine Ridge Reservation is unemployed and then draw a connection to my own experience by saying “In my family’s experience, my experience with all of these, my housing is average…In New York, they are unemployed.” Additionally, I appeal to readers’ emotions by highlighting that 10% increase in suicide at the Pine Ridge Reservation or that kids are dying from school shootings.

Areas I might improve upon: My writing could be strengthened if I expanded upon some of the facts and/or personal stories in order to further engage readers and provide further evidence for my point. For example, I could provide more details about what life is like in New York for my parents or expand on why parents don’t trust anyone and make their children’s lives “impossible”.

Attribute: Employs a Public Voice

Dimension: Credibility

My Strengths: In addition to having clear opinions on the topics discussed in this text, I demonstrate command of each issue by providing relevant background information such as citing examples from American history like The Indian Removal Act or The Trail Of Tears. Additionally,I draw on personal experiences throughout this text which provides readers with an additional layer of credibility as it shows that not only am I familiar with each issue but have had lived experiences with them as well.

Areas I might improve upon: To further strengthen my credibility when it comes to employing a public voice in this text there are a few things that could be done. First off citing additional sources for some of the facts presented throughout this text would help provide more weight behind each point made as well as lend support for any statements made about those particular topics. Additionally providing more detailed information about certain issues discussed such as providing more specifics regarding living conditions at Pine Ridge Reservation or discussing why sex trafficking is still prevalent would allow me to demonstrate even more command over each topic discussed throughout this piece while simultaneously engaging readers further.

Attribute: Advocates Civic Engagement or Action

Dimension: Public Awareness/Importance of the Issue

My Strengths: In my writing, I effectively make a case for why issues such as housing insecurity, unemployment, school shootings, sex trafficking, rape, and suicide are important and deserve attention. I build on a keen understanding and sense of audience by using personal anecdotes to connect the reader to the realities of these issues. For example, in discussing the Pine Ridge Reservation I write “Wild animals were in the dirty playgrounds. Medicine was scarce. There was a lot of alcoholism due to all the stress they had” to draw attention to how systemic injustices are impacting Native Americans today.

Areas I might improve upon: While my writing highlights many important issues that need attention, it could be improved by further connecting my anecdotes from personal experiences with larger national or global trends related to each issue. For example, when discussing school shootings I could draw on research about gun control legislation in order to make a more compelling case for why this issue is important and needs urgent action.

Attribute: Advocates Civic Engagement or Action

Dimension: Reasonableness/Feasibility of My Approach

My Strengths: In my writing I advocate for civic actions that are reasonable and feasible. For example, when discussing school shootings I suggest “drills about the shootings” as one way that people can work towards preventing them from occurring in the future. Additionally, when discussing housing insecurity amongst Native Americans on Reservations I suggest that “good jobs” should be made available so people can have access to adequate housing options.

Areas I might improve upon: While my suggested approaches are reasonable and feasible for addressing certain issues discussed in my writing, it does not provide concrete examples of what these solutions look like nor does it explain how they could be implemented on a larger scale or how individuals can go about making them happen. To strengthen this aspect of my work further detail could be included about what specific actions readers can take towards bringing these solutions into fruition as well as any existing programs or initiatives that support these goals that readers can get involved with if they choose to do so.

Attribute: Argues a Position Based on Reasoning and Evidence

Dimension: Reasoning

My Strengths: In my writing, I clearly articulate that the U.S. is not as perfect as people may think, using examples from both the experience of Native Americans on the Pine Ridge Reservation and my own family’s experiences in the U.S. to illustrate this point. My reasoning is also guided by values, such as fairness, justice and equity – values that are implicit in my argument that it is wrong for those who have been forced off their land or denied basic rights to be treated so poorly by the government.

Areas I might improve upon: I could further strengthen my logic by linking more explicitly how these values are supported by historical evidence from events such as The Trail of Tears or Indian Removal Act. Additionally, connecting these events and values to more recent events like school shootings or sex trafficking could provide further support for my argued position on a civic issue.

Attribute: Argues a Position Based on Reasoning and Evidence

Dimension: Evidence

My Strengths: My use of evidence is effective in illustrating how Native Americans have been treated unfairly due to policies such as The Indian Appropriations Act and The Trail of Tears. Furthermore, I use personal experience to effectively frame and develop my argued position by providing details on how I am personally affected by civic issues like school shootings or sex trafficking. Also note places in my text where I do a good job of enquiring into multiple perspectives and grappling with evidence that does not support my argued position – for example when discussing alcoholism among Native Americans at the Pine Ridge Reservation despite their dire circumstances (which could be seen as counterintuitive).

Areas I might improve upon: To further strengthen this dimension of my work, it would be beneficial to include even more sources of evidence – such as statistics from organizations like Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch – that can provide an even more comprehensive understanding of the extent of civic issues such as poverty or employment inequality within certain communities throughout the U.S.. Additionally, exploring other possible explanations for why certain civic issues may exist (such as systemic racism) can help build a stronger case for why we need to address these issues now instead of putting them off until later.

Attribute: Employs a Structure to Support a Position

Dimension: Organization

My Strengths: In my writing, I have carefully organized both across the full piece of writing as well as within paragraphs. For example, in my opening paragraph, I present an overarching issue and then divide it into two camps for further exploration. I also use facts and anecdotes to provide evidence for my claims. Within each of the paragraphs, I further develop my points with specific details, providing evidence to support my claims.

Areas I might improve upon: Other places in my writing where my organization could be improved upon include using more explicit transitions between paragraphs and sections, so that the reader is easily able to follow along with the progression of ideas that are being presented. Additionally, more internal structure within each of the paragraphs could help focus the reader’s attention on specific points by providing additional subheadings or more clearly delineated sections within each paragraph.

Attribute: Employs a Structure to Support a Position

Dimension: Openings, Closings, and Linkages

My Strengths: My opening provides an introduction to both an overarching issue as well as two sides of it which will be explored further in subsequent sections. Additionally, I provide a closing which summarizes and draws together the overall points discussed throughout the piece. Throughout the body of text there are several effective linkages such as when discussing “The Trail of Tears” in one paragraph and connecting it later with “Indian Appropriations Act” in another section.

Areas I might improve upon: To make both my opening and closing even stronger they can be connected back to one another by reiterating or summarizing some key points from each section or providing an additional comment at either end regarding how this issue affects individuals personally or its relevance today. Additionally more explicit transitions between paragraphs could be used in order to make clearer connections between them such as using words like “similarly” or “in contrast” when transitioning between different ideas or arguments being presented..

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  5. Add all of your text from the left side to the text box.
  6. Hit the Generate button.
  7. Try it again with the same template and text. You might get better results.


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