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Ai sometimes can be very helpful, with grammar, better words, and more fluent sentences but sometimes it completely misses the mark. With Ai you have to remember if you have to give it every detail you can possibly give it or won’t be very effective. In the classroom it can be very helpful as a good revising tool especially for things like a college essay where you send that stuff out. I would not use Ai for younger children because they have to learn how to revise and expand their vocabulary by themselves, and if they were to use Ai in their classrooms it would not look like their work. It would be Ai with a side of human whereas when you have Ai in upper school students or even adults using Ai it’s just more of a perfection tool.


AI can sometimes be very helpful, providing grammar corrections, better words, and more fluent sentences. However, it can also completely miss the mark. To get the most out of AI, you must provide it with as much detail as possible.

In the classroom, AI can be a great tool for revising, especially for college essays. However, I would not recommend using AI for younger children. They need to learn how to revise and expand their vocabulary on their own, and if they use AI in the classroom, their work will not be their own. For upper school students and adults, AI can be used as a tool for perfection.

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May 2, 2023 2:21 pm

I 100% agree with you AI can definitely miss the mark and does not pay attention to detail. How do you feel about AI in professional spaces? I also agree that young students should not be using AI.

May 2, 2023 2:12 pm

Dear Justyn,

I stand by your thoughts on AI in the levels of lower education. Kids have to start somewhere when it comes to being introduced to the world of creative and thoughtful writing. The worst thing to happen in the history of this practice is to have someone else, or something else do the work for you at such an early stage in a possible writing career.

The reason why this is such a detrimental blow to our understanding of creative writing is that students will never truly know what it means to think like a writer. The unintended consequence of AI helping out younger students is that it develops their minds to think along the lines of a “prompter” rather than a writer. In the far future if AI is still allowed to grow at this rate, writers will not be “thinkers.” The competitive skill of actually writing will switch to how well and organized you can tell an AI to write something for you.

Despite the prospect of this nightmare-educing reality, your words on AI hold monumental weight to them for this very reason. You should look towards efforts to effectively stop a transition to AI usage within the younger institutions of learning in order to put a early stop to this possible prospect.

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