The following content is sourced from Now Comment annotations through AI mojo on Youth Voices and is not my original writing. I feel as if the AI generator took the overall idea of all the comments together. It also misgendered the Principal, Principal Reeves, and included Shalaya as a more constant character even though she was mentioned in only one of the comments. Another thing I noticed that AI did while reading the revisions was that it took my comments on Reeves and City’s conversations and expressed the exact opposite of what my comments were trying to say. I do like the few things that AI managed to capture correctly, like City’s refusal of Principal Reeve’s attempt at motivating him to be more active as a youth and how AI organized the body paragraphs into themes. I don’t like how all of the AI attempts at revising came out, it seemed like it would be on the right track but just got progressively worse as I read on. Truthfully I don’t like AI much at all but I think it is useful for harmless activities, like checking for grammar and punctuation errors in your writing and the image generator on this platform.

Principal Reeves’ comments in the text present a unique perspective on the importance of activism in City’s life. His sarcasm and reluctance to embrace justice issues demonstrate a deep-seated fear of change and a lack of understanding of the power of activism. His comments are a reminder of the need to continue to advocate for the rights of all people regardless of the opinions of those in power.

The first theme that arises from Principal Reeve’s comments is fear of change. Reeves’ comments about Shalaya, such as “What is Shalaya so afraid of?” indicate that she is pushing for something that Reeves is not comfortable with. His refusal to accept her activism and social commitment suggests that he is threatened by the idea of change and is unwilling to accept it. This is further highlighted by his comment about the Maya Angelou poster, which implies that he is trying to control City’s actions and discourage him from engaging in activism.

The second theme that arises from Principal Reeve’s comments is the power of activism. Despite his reluctance to accept it, Reeves’ comments demonstrate that he is aware of the power of activism and the potential for it to create positive change. This is seen in his comment about LaVander’s father, which implies that LaVander’s bullying of City is a result of his own experiences with power and oppression. By recognizing the power of activism, Reeves is acknowledging its potential to create change and shift the status quo.

The third theme that emerges from Principal Reeve’s comments is the importance of understanding. His comment about LaVander caring too much about what white people think of him implies that Reeves is aware of the need to recognize and understand different perspectives. This understanding is essential to creating meaningful change and having a positive impact on the world.

In the end, it is still a mystery why Principal Reeves is reluctant to accept the importance of activism. His comments are a reminder to City and the reader of the need to continue advocating for justice, even in the face of opposition. It is clear from his comments that Reeves is aware of the power of activism, but it remains to be seen if he will eventually accept it and embrace the positive change it can bring. As I continue reading, I am looking forward to learning more about why Reeves is so resistant to the idea of activism and if he will eventually come to accept it.

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