This post is about a school assignment where we put our own comments/annotations of the book Long Division through an AI to generate an essay that is supposed to be patterned after our writing. My opinion of the AI’s work is that it has trouble connecting things correctly and assigning the right roles to the characters mentioned, such as when it took a comment about a part of the book which vividly describes a male character’s genitals and connected it to Pride of all things. It also screws up some of the punctuation. It also connected the word “infanticide” with “determination to never be beaten by anyone”. In conclusion, the AI doesn’t seem to understand the nuances of how humans connect ideas, characters, actions, and themes, and it doesn’t do a good job at representing my thoughts and writing.

AI-Generated Essay 1

Theme 1: Racism and Discrimination

The text I’m reading contains several examples of racism and discrimination. For instance, in the comments, Timothy K states, “Ah, child abuse.” This is in reference to LaVander’s father, who is conditioning him to try and “fit in” with the majority. It is obvious that he is doing this to ensure LaVander’s success in a world where racism and discrimination are pervasive. Timothy K also states, “Well that’s pretty racist” in response to LaVander’s comment about City not getting the point. LaVander’s comment is a clear example of racism and discrimination, and it shows how even the people who are supposed to be supporting each other can be affected by these social issues.

Theme 2: Pride

The comments also demonstrate how pride is an important theme in the text. Timothy K states, “I like how Stephanie had enough pride in herself not to pretend nothing happened and just go and take LaVander’s place,” which shows that Stephanie’s pride was more important than her gaining recognition. This is an important message, as it demonstrates how pride can be more important than recognition in certain situations. It also shows that pride can be a powerful motivator, and that a person can push through even the most difficult of times if they have enough pride in themselves.

Theme 3: Self-Confidence

The comments also demonstrate the importance of self-confidence. Timothy K states, “A real survivor doesn’t need to show that they are a survivor because why should they care whether other people think they are a survivor?” This quote is a testament to the importance of self-confidence, and it shows that a person’s inner strength is more important than what others think of them. It is clear that having self-confidence is essential for survival, and this theme is reiterated throughout the text.

In conclusion, the comments demonstrate three key themes in the text: racism and discrimination, pride, and self-confidence. These themes are essential for survival in a world where racism and discrimination are still pervasive. It is clear that having pride, self-confidence, and a willingness to stand up for oneself can be the difference between success and failure. What is still a mystery in the text is why LaVander’s father is so cruel and why he is conditioning his son. I look forward to learning more about this as I continue reading.

AI-Generated Essay 2

Theme 1: Pride
Throughout the comments, there is a strong focus on pride. Stephanie’s pride is evident when she refuses to take LaVander’s place and instead fights for her own recognition and success. Stephanie’s pride is reflected in her refusal to pretend that racism does not exist and instead to win on her own power. LaVander’s father is attempting to condition LaVander to act in a way that will make him fit in, which can be seen as a reflection of the tendency of people to try to fit in with a group or political party, even if they disagree with its ideals. This is reflected in the quote “Consciously I get that it might be some sort of comment on gender or something, but why did they have to go into detail – and the word choice as well, just eugh.”

Theme 2: Self-Confidence
Self-confidence is a key theme throughout the comments. Stephanie’s self-confidence is evident in her refusal to take LaVander’s place and her insistence on her own recognition and success. Stephanie’s self-confidence is reflected in her willingness to stand up for what she believes in, even in the face of racism. This is highlighted in the quote “It says that a real survivor doesn’t need to show that they are a survivor because know what and who they are, and no person or thing can take that away from them.”

Theme 3: Racism
Racism is a major theme throughout the comments. LaVander’s father’s racism is highlighted in the quote “Well that’s pretty racist” and Stephanie’s racism is reflected in her refusal to pretend that racism does not exist. This is further reflected in the quote “For some reason LaVander getting infanticide is really funny to me.”

In conclusion, the comments in this thread provide an insight into the themes of pride, self-confidence, and racism. These themes reflect the characters in the text and their attitudes towards their environment and the way they interact with it. While the comments provide an interesting insight into the characters and the themes of the text, it is still unclear what the significance of the text and the events within it are. It is something that I am looking forward to learning more about as I continue reading.

AI-Generated Essay 3

Theme 1: The Power of Self-Confidence
A real survivor doesn’t need to show that they are a survivor because why should they care whether other people think they are a survivor? As Timothy K stated, “It’s a level of self-confidence, self-assurance, and self-reflection that only comes from experiencing something that shakes the foundations of who you are, and pushing through it, from enduring whatever torment the universe pushes against you and coming out intact. You know what and who you are, and no person or thing can take that away from you.” This idea of self-confidence and self-assurance is a recurring theme in the text. Stephanie has the confidence to not take LaVander’s spot, even if it meant she was likely to lose, and LaVander has the pride in himself to not let City’s racism get the best of him. LaVander’s father is trying to condition him to always try to “fit in” but LaVander is determined to not let anyone take away his identity.

Theme 2: The Power of Words
Words have the power to hurt, but they also have the power to uplift and inspire. LaVander’s word is “infanticide,” a word which he chose to represent his determination to never be beaten by anyone. Even when City accuses him of using a racist term, LaVander is still unashamed and stands by his choice of words. Timothy K states, “I was curious as to what the word meant, and after looking into it I found that it means ‘ungenerous’ or ‘stingy.’ I also learned that despite its meaning having nothing to do with race, as recently as 2009 there have been people getting in trouble or called racist for using it.” LaVander’s choice of words is a way of him reclaiming his identity, of asserting his power in the face of adversity.

Theme 3: The Power of Pushing Through
What is so remarkable about LaVander is that he is determined to push through, no matter what. As Timothy K states, “In-universe how many people do you think actually do the whole ‘kindly pause’ thing? Because it’s so stupid that if they’re actually doing it seriously then my immersion is completely ruined.” LaVander is not willing to accept defeat and keeps going, even when the odds are stacked against him. He pushes through when City denies his racism, when he talks about his father’s abuse and when Stephanie is competing against him. LaVander’s determination and refusal to give up is inspiring, and it ultimately leads to him winning the trophy.

After reading the [COMMENTS], it is clear that the text is about power, and the power of self-confidence, the power of words, and the power of pushing through. LaVander’s determination to always push forward, even in the face of adversity, is inspiring. Even though he never gets the fame he deserves, he is still proud of himself and his accomplishments. What is still a mystery is what will happen next in LaVander’s story. What other challenges will he face and how will he overcome them? What will happen to his relationship with City? As I continue to read, I am looking forward to finding out.

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