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With Covid-19, the overall mental health of students has drastically decreased. The lack of meaningful social connections follows directly with online classes, leading students to care less about their classes online. Anxiety, depression, poor time management, and feelings of isolation all can stem from the poor environments that online classes have. Lack of human interaction can also lead to these mental health issues becoming more prevalent in our societies. 

Online classes have been shown to mainly affect students negatively from a mental health perspective. Students are unable to feel motivation from others or have that same feeling of involvement from a teacher that would have helped them stay focused in class. Students today have problems staying mentally healthy

Students all around the world have suffered from mental health issues, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fear of socializing, mental health issues have skyrocketed. While schools try their best to keep the spread of the virus under control, they forget the consequence that comes from being isolated from others for too long. 



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  1. Jacob 2 months ago

    I liked the way the sources were integrated, but maybe add a short summary or insert a quote. I’m left asking how drastic the number of mental illnesses has grown and even what may be able to be done in order to combat it.

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