Dear Mr. Firzlaff:

Imagine you have a favorite sport that you love to play, and it is not offered at your middle school? Soccer, softball, gymnastics, baseball, and lacrosse are some just to name a few. I enjoy playing soccer throughout the year. I have played soccer since I was 5 years old. I wish it were offered to play after school with all my classmates. I hope someday Roosevelt Middle School will offer soccer for an afterschool sport so students can try it before high school.

One reason to have after school soccer is that it provides an excellent opportunity for exercise. When I go to soccer practice and count my steps on my fit bit, I am usually between 4000-7000 steps after practice. Soccer is a fantastic way to burn calories and stay in shape. Playing soccer for 30 minutes, you can burn between 150-300 calories. Soccer gets your heartrate up and uses coordination. Getting outside in the sunshine gives you vitamin D.

Soccer is a sport that boys and girls can participate in and play together. Schools could offer teams for just girls and just boys or combine them. I would prefer that it was just a girls’ team because boys can be more intense when they play; at least that is what my coach says. The more students that sign up, the more teams we could have to play each other. Other schools should offer soccer too, so we would have many teams to play against each other. The sport of soccer does not require a gym because we can just use an open field.

Lastly, if Roosevelt offered after school soccer it would be something new for students to try. The only equipment each person would need is; tennis shoes, shin guard, and long socks. The school hopefully would provide soccer balls and nets. After school soccer would be a chance for kids to see if they like it before high school and meet new friends. Mostly teacher’s help coach after school sports so it would be a chance for kids to see their teacher as a coach!

On the other hand, there are budget cuts and the school might not be able to pay for equipment and coaches. It might also be difficult to find coaches for this sport. Schools might feel that they offer enough choices for sports and they do not need anymore. Kids might be happy with their other sports and activities and not want to try soccer. If the weather is bad or the fields are muddy, teams might not have a place to play. In addition, families might not want to purchase shin guards and long socks.

In conclusion, I hope you consider offering after school soccer at Roosevelt. Soccer is awesome exercise, exciting for boys and girls to play, and something new for kids to try. It does not require much equipment and anyone can join! Maybe someday Dubuque Middle schools offer soccer for after school sport, and this would make my day! Thanks you for my consideration.

Sincerely, Emma

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February 8, 2018 5:13 pm

Dear Emma,

I really enjoyed reading your post about why schools should offer girls and boys soccer in schools. I completely agree that these main sports should be available to students. A place to get out and both meet people as well as become passionate about a sport is important for all kids. It is essential to being a well-rounded student. Here is a link to something related :
Thanks for sharing!

May 1, 2017 4:46 pm

Hello Emma! I agree, soccer is a great sport that has lots of benefits. Soccer is an exciting way to meet new people, exercise, and develop the ability to work in and with a team. Thank you for your opinions and your willingness to take charge and try to get soccer added to the list of after school sports. Keep up the good work!

May 1, 2017 2:36 pm

Hi Emma! I enjoyed reading this. I agree that soccer is a good sport. I would also argue that soccer helps to teach kids values such as teamwork and work ethic. Do you experience having to work on your teamworking skills or on your work ethic when you play soccer? Has this stretched you as a person? Thank you for sharing your feelings!

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