For the past few weeks, I have been gradually compiling research on adoption into an annotated bibliography for a school assignment. I began by trying to find every article on a school-supplied database, but I soon found that it was very difficult to find current research from many of them. After I began looking in various places for information, I discovered much more to be available. I have also found that, in annotating as I read, I tend to pick out too much of the writing. I now prefer spot reading, summarizing, and then rereading for the full content, in that order.

To say that creating an annotated bibliography was counter-intuitive to my natural writing process sounds unreasonable, but it is true. It would seem logical that I would be inspired and full of ideas regarding adoption by now, but the only thing I had been thinking about was the deadline for the annotated bibliography. To be honest, I feel almost as lost as when I began the process. Now is where my writing begins. I can research more and find articles as I please, knowing that I do not have to remember every detail and analyze every passage. I do not have to recheck my sources for revered authors and publishers (although I should definitely stay cautious). I can just read.

However, this is not to say that I have not learned or developed any new ideas over the past few weeks. Despite my feelings on the process thus far, my reading has caused me to understand how complicated and problematic adoption can be. When beginning reading on the topic, I had the notion that the adoption system contained various issues that required only some empathy and a couple laws to solve. Now, I understand that the issues span far greater than our government. There are issues internally. In addition to missing price caps on adoption, there are international problems, problems that are caused from mental health ignorance, and problems from lack of education. I have a great deal more of reading to do to find the root of all these issues and to address how to solve them, but for now, my thinking has been elevated.

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