Adequate Sleep Vs. School by Selena

March 18, 2021


Adequate Sleep Vs. School

Many of us go to school everyday, well before Covid-19. We tend to want to sleep all day. After school, some go home to take a nap or some stay up throughout the night and get less hours of sleep. You go to sleep tired, not motivated to do anything. Your that kid in the back of the classroom with your head down while the teacher goes on with the lesson.

I read an article, “Sleep deprivation is becoming an epidemic among high school students”. In the article, the person describes the on going cycle among everyone in high school. This cycle is another way of growing up or adulting. And this might come with many emotions, everyone deals right now, depression, anxiety, physical and mental stress,etc. I agree because an average person needs about 8-10 hours of sleep every night. I struggle with my own sleeping schedule, I get only about 6 or less hours of sleep. It is very important to have the average hours of sleep. Lack of sleep limits our brain function!