Yo, Chiraq Oscar here and I am posting this blog to talk about an issue that concerns me. I feel like my solution could potentially have an effect not just student lives but lives in general.

I notice that in my school I have counselors and stuff, but I don’t have any knowledge on how to get to them to have them help me if I need to vent to them or something. Some other of my peers might feel that way as well or they may be just feel discouraged to talk about their issues to an adult.

Things that go on in CPS students lives is mostly personal and maybe that is why they don’t want to go to look for a counselor and vent to them. I disagree with that and feel that each school should have a social worker that pulls kids at risk for depression or are known to be troubled with life issues to be pulled out of class. It will be a person they can talk to and just clear their mind. If kids don’t have to approach them and have someone approach them, then maybe they’d be more for speaking of their issues.

This could, in turn, promote more of a positive work ethic in schools and reduce violence and maybe even stop some suicides or poor academic achievement in CPS. This friend that students can potentially have could have a bigger impact on the city than we are thinking. It’s just a thought.

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January 29, 2020 5:13 pm

I Agree with your thinking, I also believe students should have a support system in school because having someone to talk to about academic problems or even personal problems will help the student vent their feelings and not keep it bottled up which can cause more harm to them. Also, just having someone to talk to and give good feedback or advice can go along way for a student for its reassuring/ comforting and it may make the student open up more.

Jesus Manriquez
June 5, 2019 5:27 pm

This is a really good idea considering that I have noticed there is kids in school who look like they can use an adult to talk to and figure things out.

June 5, 2019 5:21 pm

i agree with this i feel like schools are lacking social workers and this is affecting students. Sometimes students need someone to talk to and help them with situations and teachers are busy with their lesson plans and don’t have the time to talk to students one on one.

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