Actor Makes History at Oscars by Sophia

April 6, 2022


Actor Makes History at Oscars

In the article it proves how one actor can make a difference. Troy Kotsur is the second deaf actor to receive an Oscar for acting. He wanted to prove that anyone can be anything disregarding the challenges they face. He wanted to inspire future deaf actors and actresses in the future. In a movie he starred in, it’s on an entire family who is deaf… except for one daughter. What he likes about this movie is that the family is not portrayed as limited or as victims. He likes that it shows the family just like any other hearing family.

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In my opinion, I find it amazing that he was given that opportunity. Taking into consideration how many people with disabilities are “limited” they’re opportunities. I like the fact that they are showing how people with disabilities are not any less or different than people who don’t have any.