• America has a knack for ignoring uncomfortable issues, regardless of the degree of importance.  Perhaps we take too much to the phrase, “ignorance is bliss”, and attempt to hold onto blissful unawareness.  Per

  • how does technology affect people’s quality of life? how much personal information are we giving away through social media?

    Technology has the potency to affect the qualities of people’s lives by changing the s

  • New technology comes out every day, and whenever it does everyone in America scrambles to get it.  We lavish in the light of the new-found device, and then shortly thereafter it becomes a part of everyday life

  • Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, or better known as CRISPR, is the latest and greatest DNA editing tool used by scientist today. The first research into the functions of CRISPR began in

  • The topic of governmental control can be related back to the Republican and Democrat ideology. The U.S. government rein has gone through a rocky path, we have seen countless times where citizens are dragged into

  • As our world makes repeated advances in technology, we often hear about future benefits. For example, we often hear that advances in emissions technology will help keep our air cleaner, and that future

  • I do not think that patriotic people do things that they see as un-American, they do something that they think will benefit what they have as an idea of America. Their actions appear as un-American to everyone

  • Many people come to America thinking it is the land of the free and home to an abundance of opportunity. Two thirds of Muslim Americans in America say this is true, but they say they are currently dissatisfied

  • In our day and age, so much of our information is given away through social media. We allow others to get to know us through our profile telling people where you go to school, what you like to do, and even give

  • The Opioid Crisis is rapidly taking over America. Over the past years, people have been becoming increasingly addicted to these dangerous painkillers. According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA),

  • In government, we see different ways that power is attained. Sometimes leaders find their power through their people, but other leaders use power against their people. I wanted to see what happens when a leader

  • Made in Singapore

    The singing bowl chimes, resting elegantly on the smooth mahogany shelf.

    Product of India

    The spice jar preens, tucked amongst a wide variety of oddly shaped containers.

    This shop is full of

  • How is intended obsolescence contributing to the increased laziness and lack of individual thought in today’s society?  An will it effect our environment as a whole?

    Technology has seem to almost overcome

    • Hey PJ,
      This is a very interesting post. I, much like everyone else on this forum, am a teenager as well. I am pretty addicted to my phone and cannot get off it sometimes. As surprising as it may seem, however, I am not as bad as some of my friends. What I want to know is why is playing on your phone SO addicting? Why are we drawn to it and why our younger generation?

  • As humankind and as a part of a nation, we disagree, we have doubts and we question things. We question, doubt and disagree with our government at times, our government that was originally put in place to protect

  • Today it is more common for news to be hurtful than it is to be reassuring. People would rather hear gossip and scandal than they would something exciting or beneficial. Recent examples from current society

  • Our nation, a beacon of freedom, should still be able to protect Americans as well as others, while still affirming the values of privacy and liberty. This delicate balance questions how much the government should

  • For the past two generations, American students history grades have been dropping rapidly. http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/07/opinion/callista-gingrich-u-s-history/index.html describes this change as an effect of not

    • Hi chloe! I found this post very interesting. This is something I have never really considered, but I agree that history tends to be a subject that is not as widely considered for a career path as other subjects may be. Although, I did find a link, “History is not a useless major, Fighting Myths with Data” , that discusses a similar topic to you: that history is being lost as our youth doesn’t see it as a practical subject to major in, but this article also writes about how history majors are possible and there are still many jobs out there for them, we just need more people to know about it. I think that could relate to what you said about the way students are being taught. I thought this was really great post that was very informative.

  • Has the talk of things like building a border wall or the administration’s latest travel ban made people feel more afraid or safer?

    For the past year and a half Donald Trump has been polluting conversations. H

  • Today people are incredibly addicted to the most widely loved thing, technology and social media. It has had a great toll on children and teens over the years by inhibiting their conversation skills and

    • As the generation who has grown up with social media and texting, it’s surprising to learn that the decrease in face-to-face communication that it has caused is detrimental to our development. Speaking from personal experience, about a decade of my life was social media and texting free, so I feel like our generation has the basis of how to interact with other people. But with the age of social media users and cell phone owners getting younger and younger, I think kids are losing that knowledge. It would be interesting to see how the negative impacts you discuss in your post effect these generations later in life, when it comes to holding jobs. If you;d like to continue your research, this article provides more insight into how the decrease in face-to-face communication is affecting people, especially kids: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/09/children-texting-technology-social-skills_n_1137570.html

    • Bella,
      thank you for sharing this. This is such an important topic right now, and I believe that we must find a way to control it before it gets out of hand. I agree with Anna’s comment above mine, wherein our generation did luck out. We grew up with a good ten or so years before technology really took over. Therefore I believe that we do have communication skills and have not been too scarred by social media and technology. However, the younger generations do not know any different. Their whole lives have been iPods, iPads, iPhones, etc. It worries me that maybe they truly will not know how to hold a real, authentic conversation as they get older. This is such a scary topic, thank you so much for sharing.

  • The internet is changing our brains. It’s a system of distraction. We get the rewards of having unlimited information at our fingertips, at the cost of being kept in a state of perpetual distraction and constant

    • Anna,

      I found your article very interesting. Specifically, when you said “We’re relying on Google to store knowledge long-term, instead of our own brains.” This topic is something I am also very interested in. I agree that people are not able to deeply analyze a subject anymore. Also, I think that people are becoming more isolated and not as social in person as they used to be. I have attached a link below that gives more information the use of technology and its impact on society. I look forward to reading your next post.

      Technology And Society – Impact of Technology On Society

    • Dear Anna, I see a memory as something that will become not nessiary after a while in our race. This will become the equivalent of hunting and gahering skills where only a few people have them while the majoruty of society doesn’t. I don’t see this as a good bad thing but rather just a way the world evolves and changes. They change over time and what is nessisary today wont be tommorow. This article sumerizes this, http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2013/05/20/when-memories-are-remembered-they-can-be-rewritten/
      Thanks, Simon

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