• Land pollution is probably the most evident one we can see, but it still can be hard to notice. You can walk in a city, a town, or even in your own neighborhood and notice trash and flying debris in the trees. But

  • Why do we fall in love?

    Man meets woman

    Woman meets woman

    Man meets Man


    Simple love, but is it long lasting Love?


    But why do we fall for one another,

    experiment with one another,

  • Planned parenthood is in the media spotlight as “Republicans push to block funding for the group because it provides abortions for women.” (CNN). Planned Parenthood receives $500 million a year in funding from the

  • I feel really nervous about posting my first audio recording on Youth Voices. This is my own reading focusing on tone and inflection in a passage from Dr. Victor Rios’ autobiography called Street Life. My u

  • There is a lot of stigma surrounding the infamous drug, marijuana. Most of this stigma is based on the stereotypical “stoner”, the one that sits at home all days and eats potato chips. But as early research is sho

  • Dear Dr. Rios:

    My name is Thomas James. I’m am a helping handed person who loves to make a positive change in many of the young men groups I am hanging around. Many things I’m interested in is to give back to

  • It is the end of February 2018 and we, as a nation, have already endured 18 mass shootings. This is clearly an epidemic but what drives these people to do these acts of terror? Is it their home life? Is it their

  • Advancements in technology have the capability to bring great development to the mind, but there are constant distractions that prevent us from attaining this mental growth. Technology clearly has a large impact

  • As technology advances, children spent less time going outside losing their creativity. Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. With the

  • Previously

    So, then, we have arrived at a null conclusion. By using standardized testing to analyze metacognitive teaching, we cannot examine its efficacy. If, however, we conclude that standardized t

  • There is one large question: Does funding conservation even work?

    It may seem like we’re moving no where with certain species. Rhinos, tigers, mountain gorillas, lowland gorillas, right whales, blue whales, a

  • The most compelling argument against zoos is the lack of space that zoos provide for animals. Compared to the wild, lions and tigers have 18,000 times less space inside of zoos, and polar bears have 1,000,000

  • Decriminalization is not the same as legalization. When something is decriminalized the distribution and sale of controlled substances is still a criminal offense in Portugal, but possession and use of drugs is

  • Why am i mad as hell

    Cause i hate everyone

    Everyone gets me mad

    The irritate me which gets me mad

    They talk too much

    There too loud  

    They make stupid jokes

    I hate my self which make me

    • Pedro,
      I think your piece is well written. You definitely get your message across.

    • Pedro – Those are a lot of intense feelings that you’re sorting through. I’m sorry. That has to be hard. I hope that you are able to move beyond “mad” one day, or turn your anger into motivation to do something super powerful (because you are capable of that). Thank you for sharing your emotions and thoughts!


    I am Courageous.

    You may not see it.

    In pictures you would say otherwise.

    My stories make you say the opposite.

    Two trips can change a person.

    I was changed.

    I have climbed.

    I have

    • Hi Gerardo, this was a very good poem. I really liked how you describe how your past has made you a stronger person. I hope that you continue to make more poems, and that you continue to describe your past and how it has changed you into the person that you are today.

  • Fear is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as an, “unpleasant often strong emotion caused by an anticipation or awareness of danger.”  Fear is most likely a familiar emotion to most people, fear of loss, fear of the

  • As soon as I would see a big crowd…

    I would start shaking.

    I am scared as hell.


    My eyes would get as red as a tomato.


    My voice…

    Man my voice would break down like if I wanted to cry.

    • This is a very powerful poem. I’m glad you got over your fears and were able to continue doing what you love. You can tell how much you have grown when reading your poem. Keep doing what you are doing never stop.

  • Why I’m Caring As Hell

    By Yaqui


    Growing up I thought no one would notice if I disappeared

    I thought no one would care

    I felt like I could run off and no one would see


    I never had a n

    • Dear Yaqui, I like how you put in a lot of thought into this poem and how you write with so much detail so the reader can visualize what you’re talking about. Good job!

    • Yaqui,
      I love your poem I find it so moving because I know you are caring. I also really appreciate you, not only because I know you care for me but for writing this piece so good. I think its strong becaue it really shows who you are and what makes you Yaqui.

    • Dear Yaqui,
      Your poem is so good, you are such a strong person for writing about this. Explaining how much you care speaks a lot about the type of person you are and you are not afraid to bring it up. I appreciate you as a person for speaking on this, because you are a caring person.

  • Many people think I’m mysterious.

    Many people wonder what goes on in my life.

    Many people will try to figure me out.

    Many people think they have figured me out.


    I shake my head.


    Many peo

    • Dear Aida,
      I like your poem. I can relate to you there has been many people trying to figure me out but they can’t. I have multiple trust issues. Don’t worry you’ll find someone who can figure you and you may be able to trust again. Even though I meant you for around 4 years you are totally mysterious I haven’t been able to might…..

  • Four years old

    Dad was teaching my brother and I how to play soccer

    Dad has always played soccer

    His whole family played soccer

    Now we are the new generation

    We have to keep the tradition going

    • Dear Rodrigo, this poem is well written and shows how he first go into the sport of soccer…really enjoyed..

    • Dear Roger,

      I was surprised with your post. I found it really interesting and learned more about why you play soccer. I now understand why you keep playing in the team even though you guys have won 0 games. Keep up the good work. I want to see my school on the podium with a big trophy.

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