• Whalers kill dolphins, whales, porpoises, and other marine mammals. In Japan, they do so in a cruel and shocking way. In one particular place in Japan, they rally dolphins into a cove so they can’t escape. Then

  • Recently, I have noticed that certain parts of society still have a hesitancy to accept people that are “different” from them, or don’t align with how they want society to look, or act. People of different races

  • We can see how our early years like once we are talking and walking are important to our growth as humans but the very early years like our first months to 3 years old have been found to also have profound affects

  • According to an article by Beyond, 20% of people procrastinate chronically.  Unfortunately, I am a part of that 20%; I insist on putting things off until the last minute, and while there have never been any seen

  • Emotions are very weird and to be quite frank, terrifying.  Emotions for another human being cause so many issues associated with pain, distrust, and anger.  So why do we as humans even bother caring for one a

  • Though there are many issues facing the world today, there are some that are much more pressing than others. And whether that be problems involving education of a certain group or simply the general welfare of

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    The argument doesn’t compare to the fight…Saying “not standing for the national anthem shows disrespect for the flag and members of the armed forces”. But for decades upon decades half

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  • The argument doesn’t compare to the fight…Saying “not standing for the national anthem shows disrespect for the flag and members of the armed forces”. But for decades upon decades half of the people in Ameri

  • Technology is more and more common in this society. “With the way technology has pervaded every part of our lives, children quickly lean on technology to help them find the answers to everyday questions. E

  • Is it money ? is it having what you want? What truly makes us happy ?. As human beings our goal has always been to find happiness. The pursuit of happiness has been ranked as one of the top cherished goals in

  • A little while ago, I visited the Moral Machines website. It’s a study put out by MIT to see how people would respond to a machine having to choose between lives. Turns out, I prefer hoomans a lot more than p

    • Eric, I find your topic concerning the ethical responsibilities of artificial intelligence intriguing, and I would like to help you further your research. After digging around a little bit, I came across this website that holds five basic principals of robotics, similar to those you have already presented:

      “Robots should not be designed as weapons, except for national security reasons.
      Robots should be designed and operated to comply with existing law, including privacy.
      Robots are products: as with other products, they should be designed to be safe and secure.
      Robots are manufactured artefacts: the illusion of emotions and intent should not be used to exploit vulnerable users.
      It should be possible to find out who is responsible for any robot.”

      I feel as though you can do a lot more with this topic, and I would like to see what research you will present in the future. Thank you for sharing.

  • As high school senior, I’ve seen and performed my fair share of procrastination throughout high school. Sometimes it’s little assignments, sometimes it’s a paper that decides your grade for the quarter, eithe

  • If caffeine is presently found in most drinks like espresso drinks and sugary drinks, do these drinks cause acne-prone skin, let alone breakouts?


    Coffee, like gluten and alcohol, is one of those things that

  • Utah is perhaps best know for the young men and women it sends out in white oxfords and names tags called missionaries. These religious missions are partially responsible for nineteen percent of Utah residents

  • When travelling to other states, almost always, the first question people ask me after I tell them I’m from Utah is if I’m mormon. After I tell them that I am in fact not mormon, people usually look extremely sur

  • What is the meaning of happiness? Is it love? experiences? wealth? This is something that everyone has been trying to figure out for ages. Sure, everyone has their own version of happiness and what they believe

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  • Why do people have to live in fear?

    This question haunts me. After doing many many hours of community and international service, I still cannot wrap my mind around this fact. People live in fear for many

  • America can only be great if people make it great, and not standing for the National Anthem is one mistake of many. Americans should be proud of the country that they live in, but most are not and their symbolism

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