Abuse of power by Nahum

December 19, 2019


Abuse of power

Police brutality is a real issue in America. Did you know In an article “Law Enforcement Killed 90 Oakland Residents Since 2000, And 74 Percent Were Black” by Alex Barreira and Arielle Swedback, it explains “The most alarming discovery: 74 percent of Oakland residents killed by law enforcement between 2000 and 2016 were Black men and women” (Barreira, Swedback). This event  is startling because the officers decide to pull over black men more often than white men. Based on the research, Police Brutality is an issue in Oakland because the police began to target the black men rather than the white men. This will then lead on to other black people not having any trust in police officers because of what they have seen people experience an encounter with a black man and a police officer.

Race is playing too large of a role in policing in the country. After reading the article “Police Brutality Against Black Kansas City Man Caught on Video” by Gillian Wilcox it showed that black people get pulled over more often than white people. The percent of black men getting pulled over is 85% higher than white men because the cops hide behind their badge. “hide behind their badge”,  means they feel like they have all the power in the world and the cops also think they can get a free pass with doing such terrible things to people just because of their badge.

The problem with current day police officers is abuse of power, which is why policing has become racist. Abuse of power is police officers thinking since they have a badge, they can get away with racism. But not always, have you ever heard about Oscar Grant? He was a victim of police brutality here in an Oakland bart station. It was after New Years, he was “involved” in a fight. The article “The Shooting Death of Oscar Grant”  stated “On New Year’s Day 2009, an Oakland police officer shot and killed an unarmed, pinned suspect.”(Head). The “suspect” was Oscar Grant he was shot by a police officer which left him dead but the officer was actually tried in court and charged with  manslaughter “The former California transit officer who shot and killed Oscar Grant on a train platform in 2009 said he disagreed with a jury’s verdict convicting him of involuntary manslaughter.”(Fernandez) This quote represents the proper way officers should be “handled”  with which is a proper court case and a removal of their badge.`

On the contrary, some feel police are getting led into using excessive force. For example a comment on an article titled “Police brutality or doing their job?” , A commenter had talked about how it was the girls fault for “resisting” arrest and how she didnt give the police officer her I.D so she got what she deserved. The comment by L. Kelly stated “She did not follow the policy/law that COD put in place. If she is that stupid to think she is above any “law” put in place, then refusing to give her ID to an officer, then she is the one resisting.” 

To conclude, police brutality is majorly associated with racism and something has to be done about it. What has to be done is the officer should be tried in court and punished for whatever acts they commited. Something I recommend to anyone who reads this is if you have a negative encounter with a police officer, take out your phone and begin to record the situation. By law, the police officers can not stop you from recording. So if you are a person of color reading this, please be careful whenever you have any type of encounter with a police officer.

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“Law Enforcement Killed 90 Oakland Residents Since 2000, And 74 Percent Were Black.” is an article from the website “East Bay Express”, the article is about  how in the year 2000, police officers killed 90 Oakland residents and 74 percent of them were black.