This article talks about how abstract art achieves its beauty and I think that it shows that abstract art is truly a craft and it doesn’t deserve all the flak it receives.

First, I feel as though it is important to talk about what this article is saying about why people like this art. There is how the patterns are within the painting which make people see certain things in the work and then liking said patterns is very subjective, like all art. This explains why some people genuinely love it and why other people just don’t get it, there is nothing wrong with either side, they are just different.

The second thing that I wanted to point out was how this essay emphasized how not everyone can do it. Usually, abstract artists take years to develop their talents and get to a deeper understanding of their own work, and this just proves that it isn’t a no-skill profession.

Third, I really want to focus upon the more emotional impacts of this art, which helps for people to realize that the work focuses on the subjective and what the viewer wants to see. A lot of abstract art is just detailed enough to make you see things that aren’t there because our minds fill it with what we want to see. This interpretation and focus on our emotion rather than the emotions of the painting really encourages a different form of viewing rather than any other form of art, which makes criticism harder and much different than other forms. This is what creates the biggest difference between criticism of other artwork and what typical abstract art would entail.

In summary, this article is the scientific breakdown of abstract beauty and I think that it has a lot of merit in how it is created. This really emphasizes how abstract art is truly an art while it also has a fair amount of criticism that is fully justified.



  1. Jennifer 1 week ago

    Dear Matthew,
    I am very astonished by the medication you have about art in your post, “Crafting Abstract Art,” because art is one of the ways to be able to express yourself. I am glad you able to see this a biased view from people you like this to people who don’t understand it.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, ” …emotional impacts of this art, which helps people to realize that the work focuses on the subjective and what the viewer wants to see.” I think this is important because art can impact everyone differently. This isn’t only a one emotion type of thing but a way to see it through your own perspective.
    Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because art is in so many different forms and I would like to see the other types of art that inspire you as well. This is a type of beauty that should be share with others for them to be able to understand the beauty of art.
    Jennifer Mendoza

  2. Olivia wright 1 year ago

    This is a very unique picture. love it.

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