Absolute power has negative effects on society today and throughout history people have still not learned from its mistakes. When sticking to one set of beliefs a country cannot grow their ideals nor develop their way of life. While for some people this may be normal but from a broader perspective it’s shown that advances haunt and how much life is enjoyed goes down. For instance in Britain there has been less development in production and engineering. Britain’s number of patents sold are relatively the same while in France and the U.S. the number of patents increase, as shown in a graph comparing the three countries’ numbers (Nicholas 28). In this publication it states, “According to one dominant theme in the literature, innovation in the United States flourished during the process of industrialization because patent laws provided cheap democratic access to intellectual property rights, whereas in Britain the high cost of obtaining a patent may have curtailed technological progress (Khan, 2005)” proving that through Great Britain keeping patents at a high priced rate it might dwindle the amount of inventions that can be produced (Nicholas 8). The amount that patents are sold at is regulated by the government which is still held up by the monarchy. For generations the royal family have not even brought up the issue of not having as many new technological advances compared to its competitors. Perhaps if there was a different ruler the issue of how high patients are sold for might be changed so the rate of engineering advances can go up. For the economy that would be huge as the amount of products being produced would affect the amount of jobs there are, the amount of money being imported back into the economy, and even the amount of engineered products might increase. 

        While the technological advancements are stagnant there is another issue with monarchy with relation to how successors might fulfill the role of king and queen of England. The royal family automatically changes out who’s in the most possession of power through their age, once the member with the most power passes away the next oldest member of the family follows in their footsteps as king or queen. The possibility of having no successors is possible as part of the royal family has already broken off from this chain of rule(Puente). The backup plan for who’d rule if there were no successors has not been solved nor talked about, it is possible that they’d appoint a new royal family or even their distant family members as people in the position of power. The only true thing maintaining their position of power is simply the fact that they are part of this family. No outside preparation is needed to be involved for such a job, because it’s strictly heritage, so it is possible members of this family are not qualified for such a position (Puente). Surely their family is grown and trained simply to be the next ruler but in what way would the new ideas and advances make its way into the British system? As stated by Puente, “‘The monarchy stands for imperialism, colonialism and an unelected elite body,’ Pasternak says”, further backing how the ideas of this nation have yet to develop further from their original stance (Puente). The ideas of who comes next in the line of succession is determined by the ruler before them, whose ideas are formed by the ruler before them, and the ruler before them, and the list goes on.

        Through the issues of no new technological advances and problems with how trained the king or queen is, what’s proven is that absolute power prevents new ideas from entering a nation, causing problems for the nation’s people. 

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