Schools are different here by Maysa S

November 8, 2021


Schools are different here

I’m Maysa, that I think it’s important to know about me that I like to draw and I like to read books and write stories sometimes. My family is Arab. I learned in Yemen and then I came to NYC then I went to middle school and finished it and then went to high school. the thing that happened to me when I came to NYC and school change I saw a bit different from Arab schools and USA schools in Yemen or any Arab school that in Arab countries they give hard work and study that makes a student hate school but in the USA the doesn’t give a lot of works or studies that are mad school and learn for students essay.

I like the music class. I think I’m good at English language art. I like drawing and I’m good at it. I learned it from youtube videos. I enjoy watching movies. And I like to write stories. I think the greatest struggle in my life was when I was in Yemen and there was a war.

My mom And my dad my sisters my cousins are the most precious to me all them but the most my dad I didn’t lose anyone from my family I’m really lucky to have in my life, my cousin her name is Amani because she is the most person who understands me in my family and another person is my best friend her name is Nisreen she so funny she understand me she made me feel happy when I feel bad she is my sister not only friend.