In the article “life and liberty” by Amber I learned the reasons why people want to have abortions and why they don’t want it to exist. The situation has made people protest and make a stand for what they believe is the right decision. In the article, it states “No human’s life should be taken voluntarily at the hands of another. “Abortion is murder”. This quote represents how amber feels about abortion. She believes that it’s murder and how life’s shouldn’t be taken voluntarily. I agree with amber because they are killing kids for the reason of not wanting to take responsibility. They believe it right just so the population goes down. this is a big crisis and I can’t imagine what it is to hear that your girlfriend or friend wants to get an abortion. This shouldn’t be a thing and just let the kid go up for adoption if you don’t want to take any responsibility. What do you think about abortion?

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April 27, 2022 5:59 pm

Dear Jeramiah, 

I disagree with your opinion as I believe that abortion should be legal as it allows the woman to safely abort the fetus. Additionally, I do not consider it murder as they are aborting a fetus and it is not alive and is legal in the first trimester of pregnancy. There may be cases in which they are not financially stable to take care of the baby or even the fact that it may possibly have been a sexual assault that caused them to be pregnant. Furthermore, there might be some life complications that force the woman to abort the fetus. Additionally, women fought for a long time in order to have the right to abort the fetus as it affects their future and it is their right to decide whether or not to abort. 

One sentence that stood out to me was “This shouldn’t be a thing and just let the kid go up for adoption if you don’t want to take any responsibility.” I disagree with this statement as aborting the fetus does not mean not taking up responsibility as it may have been a sexual assault case which means that they did not have a choice. I do agree that if it was with consent, the people should have thought about the situation before thinking of the option of abortion. However, it is a woman’s right to abort the fetus if they see that they cannot provide a better future and as you stated about giving birth and sending the baby to adoption, there are already numerous children in the foster care system who experience child maltreatment as well as other effects that it may have on a child. 

Thank you for writing, I look forward to reading what you post next as this was an interesting controversial topic.


March 2, 2022 4:08 pm

Dear Jeremiah, 
I am in awe of your post “Abortion Should Be Stopped” because I 100% agree with you that abortion should be stopped. This is such a controversial topic and I believe it should be banned. 
One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was “No human’s life should be taken voluntarily at the hands of another. Abortion is murder.” I think this is extremely important how someone should not have the life of someone in their hands. I don’t think people should be punished for it but abortion should be banned. 
Thank you for your writing. I hope to see what you write next because this was an important and interesting topic. 

March 1, 2022 10:09 pm


I am happy with your post, Abortion should be stopped! because I agree with what you have to say. Also, abortion is something considered a bad thing.

One sentence you wrote that stood out for me is “Abortion is murder”. I think this qoute is important because people may be like he still hasnt seen the world yet it cant be considered murdered. But I beleive it is murder because by the team they find out there pregnant that baby in you has a little tiny heart beat.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like what you had to say towards the idea for how abortion is bad. Also I like how the ideas you have how people may react towards all that.

Brian Garcia

December 15, 2021 11:59 pm

Hi Jeramiah-
You mention population reduction and the unwillingness to take responsibility for the child. What other pro-choice arguments did you find in the article?

Ms. N.

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