Abortion Rights : Letter to Planned Parenthood by Valerie

April 26, 2019


Abortion Rights : Letter to Planned Parenthood

April 26, 2019

Dear Planned Parenthood :

There are many people people who are against abortion and believe that killing a clump of cells is “ murder “ or “ homicide. “ It’s unfortunate because what a lot of people don’t realize is that when it comes to abortions — the women don’t want to remember either a traumatic experience or a genetic difficulty that their babies either had or they had. Being in that position is terrible and as a person who has known people who have gone through r*pe — they don’t ever want to be reminded of that event in their lives. People who are “ pro-life “ talk so much about us people who support abortion but they’ve never been in our position or have seen and supported victims like we have before. They don’t look at the bright side of things and knowing that there’s so much stigma around abortion and clinics — it takes so much courage to open up a clinic that involves this controversial topic. We are allies of what you all are doing and appreciate your hard work even when not everyone agrees with it. And as someone who has almost been aborted, it doesn’t change my view of abortion at all. It made me more woke on the topic. My mom went through that experience and it was hard because she didn’t know whether or not I was alive or dead in her womb. It made me realize how important this topic is and it’s not only for r*pe victims but it’s also significant to people who have a baby that could possibly die after birth. We appreciate your work and hope you all keep it up no matter what! Thank you.

The issue we have noticed is mostly the stigma around abortion. We have seen how women are presented as “ weak “ or “ murderer “ and it’s not fair because these women who have had abortions can’t always stop their pregnancy. There’s women who do give consent to sex but never give consent to a man ejaculating in them. Many women go through so much and getting abortions is more traumatic and although it is beneficial for them — there’s complications that surround them. The issue is that many people don’t realize our feelings and how we go through it. Abortions are hard and they’re better for us because we won’t have to go through too much trouble into taking care of a baby, worrying about when the baby will die due to complications in their cells and genes, and getting triggered at the fact that they have their r*pists face resembles the baby’s. The stigma around abortion is sad and shouldn’t continue hence why we are trying to raise awareness around it in order to make others feel sympathetic and have our backs especially when they never know what the victims go through. No matter how beautiful life is — sometimes it has to be taken away as a fetus. Not a human. And besides a fetus can’t remember anything when in the womb. It doesn’t hurts the fetus . The fetus isn’t alive. Pro lifers don’t understand that it’s a fetus not a human yet.

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Our topic is very controversial so there are quite a few tactics of social change. One tactic is marches which happen all over the world. In the marches, people hold up posters that share their opinions. Some opposers show up at the marches which can be triggering to the people who are pro-choice. One image that we observed is a womxn holding a sign that says she had an abortion facing a man who is against abortions. Firstly, this image is powerful because she has the courage of sharing this personal experience with thousands. Secondly, she faces a man who opposes her decision but she still looks proud of herself. Another tactic that is used is public art which is also spread throughout the world. An image we saw shows a wall saying “HER BODY HER CHOICE” (The Daily Beast). This tactic can aware others because it can catch a pedestrian’s attention very quickly. There are many other tactics used for this topic but these two seem to be the most effective.

Our plan is to visit Planned Parenthood in West Oakland and interview people at Planned Parenthood and collect pamphlets. We hope to pass out the pamphlets at our school and set up a table during lunch to spread awareness and information. We plan to go after school on Monday. We will get a bus pass from Ms. Venus at our school to help support this. We are also going to get permission from our administration to set up a table Tuesday after school to share this information with other students about Planned Parenthood. We will also like to put posters around the school to advertise our topic and raise awareness. Finally, we have an instagram called @prochoiceoverlife to inform people who are on the social media platform as well.


Doraneli & Valerie

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