Abortion Laws by lauren

January 9, 2018


Abortion Laws

The concern of abortion is still very present in todays society, especially as Trump continues to be against it. Republicans are known to the pro-life and continue to enforce that as they attempt to shut down Planned Parenthood and the ability to use insurance, such as Medicaid, for birth control pills. For example, according to republicanviews.org, “The Hyde Amendment makes the use of Medicaid illegal to pay for an abortion except for cases of incest, rape, or if the mother’s health is in danger.” This would be the exception to the abortion laws if enacted, that the mother can only terminate her pregnancy if she was raped. This would be proven through the use of rape kits and other tools used to prove acts of indecency.

In the case of abortion, I am pro-choice. I believe that because women are put through many situations out of their control, such as rape and incest, that abortion should be an option for them. But there are many other situations that should be considered. For example, teenage pregnancy. A child cannot raise a child, meaning that a 16 year old girl has not developed enough to know how to give a child a good life. Of course adoption is an option, but imagining the fear a teenage girl would go through to carry her child to full term is something that white males who make these decisions cannot fathom. Although this teenage girl may have made a stupid mistake, why should she be punished for her lack of sense in the world?

Part of me thinks that if a female gets pregnant in her child bearing years, such as mid to late twenties to early forties, abortion should still be an option but keeping the baby should also be considered too. This is if the woman has the means to raise a child, the resources, the health, and the money. A child should not come into the world if there is no way for it to life a healthy life. I have never been through this and neither have the white males who are deciding this, but I feel that choosing abortion is completely situational and no one can decide what a female should or shouldn’t do with their child.