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In the article, “Abortion Law and Policy Around the World” (Marge2017) I learned that the laws on abortion had already been a problem and controversial even before now. It was first banned because it was unsafe for women. There was a period where many women died due to the procedure but, once banned, the deaths still continued to happen but not for the same reason. Once the procedure was taken away from women, they started doing at home abortions which was extremely dangerous and the cause of so many death. The states saw this chaos as something important so they decided to bring back the right of getting and preforming abortions.

I strongly believe everyone should have the right to do what they desire with their own body especially if it is for a medical reason. Though, it would be helpful for women to first learn what the effect towards their body is going to be like and educate themselves to better prepare themselves for the procedure itself. Abortion was proven to be completely safe as long as the procedures were correctly followed so why not let the women make their own decisions.

As I continue to learn about abortion, I want to know more about what is happening to women who want an abortion but live in an abortion banned state.

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October 19, 2023 5:24 pm

Hi Giuliani,

Thanks for writing this post. It was really clear and answered a lot of questions. I like how you stated “I strongly believe everyone should have the right to do what they desire with their own body especially if it is for a medical reason,” and I completely agree with you. My personal belief is that since it’s the woman’s body, it should be her choice to make. I also like how you pointed out that it’s important to acknowledge the risks and effects a procedure may have, but it’s safe as long as performed safely. I think those are really important things to be aware of. Here is an article you could reference to answer your questions about abortion in banned states. I’d love to read more about your take on this topic if you further research abortion in banned states. Thanks!

Han Nguyen

October 16, 2023 9:53 pm

Dear Giuliani,

Your post really answered my question as to why abortion first came to be banned and that was really helpful to read. It really is a sad thing to read about women doing this procedure illegally and even dying from this. I agree with you that women should look more into what can happen when do this procedure and the effects it comes with getting this done, they should get fully educated about the complications especially when doing this illegally.


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October 16, 2023 9:36 pm

dear your post made me think that this is impressive because you expressed it in a very good way what you talk about is a problem that exists for women and you express yourself in the way that this can affect women and I say that This is a good topic about the abortion of women that outside the hospital can be very dangerous and as you continue to research I hope you discover how and how these cases happen in certain places or that the mother wishes to abort and that this can become a serious crime

Miguel landeros

October 16, 2023 9:35 pm

Dear Giuliani,
Your post made me think about how it could be deadly for women to do at-home abortions if abortions were banned. I also think if it’s your body you should decide what you can and want to do. As you continue to research, I hope you discover how women can get an abortion without having to do it themselves and I also hope abortions can be unbanned in every state.

joseph guerra<3

October 16, 2023 9:32 pm

Dear Giuliani,
Your post made me think about the effects that abortions would have on women back then since it was unsafe for them, what effect did they have? I also strongly agree with the fact that people have a right to their own bodies to do as they please. As you continue to research, I hope you discover how women deal with the fact of wanting an abortion but not being able to since it might be banned in the state they live in. Would they be able to go to another state to get the procedure done?


October 16, 2023 9:30 pm

Dear Giuliani,
Your post made me think about the women who had no choice but to do home abortions when it first was banned. Like you said it also made me think about the women living in an anti abortion state. As you continue to research, I hope you discover how those women feel and what they’re options are.

Sienna Ruiz

October 16, 2023 9:29 pm

Dear Guiliani,
Your post made me think of women and how they were stripped of the right to an abortion in some states. Although, as safe as the procedure is government still took the initiative to ban it in several states while some sometimes allow women to have access to abortion. As you continue your research, I hope you discover what happens to the women who live in an area that restricts abortion.

Sincerely, Chloe.

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