In the article, “ Abortion Law and Policy Around the World,” (Berer 2017) I learned that the government shouldn’t take away a healthcare need like abortion from women who need it. The reason why abortion became banned was because many thought it was an unsafe practice for women and caused women’s deaths to increase. Even though this issue may be dangerous to women and poses danger towards women it also affects the fetus which is also creating a lot of issues regarding access to abortion for women who need it. Although abortion is banned in several states, women are still finding ways to access abortion. More specifically women are taking matters into their own hands and accessing abortion through self-induced medications from pharmacies, websites, and black markets. With that, women are also setting up hotlines for accessing abortion. This situation is creating issues for women who need to access an abortion due to countries banning it but with this issue, women are seeking ways to medical abortions regardless of the government restricting it. Self-induced abortions are more dangerous than the actual medical procedure. However, with this issue, if the government didn’t ban abortion in several countries then women wouldn’t feel the need to find ways by themselves to receive an abortion which is posing more of a threat to women than a surgical abortion would.

I think what is happening with abortion is a huge issue. It must be horrible for the women who can’t even access an abortion but need it. Women who may not be able to care for a child, raped or , assaulted are suffering because they are unable to get an abortion due to their country restricting it. As many countries strip away the opportunity for women to access an abortion women who live in the U.S. are lucky enough to still have access to an abortion. 

As I continue to learn about abortion, I want to know more about what the government is doing to stop women from accessing unsafe abortion medications and procedures. 

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