In the article “Abortion Law and Policy Around the World” Marge Berer discusses the way abortion has been restricted. The central idea is the restrictions surrounding abortion do not make any legal or public health sense.   In support of their central idea, the author writes “What makes abortion safe is simple and irrefutable—when it is available on the woman’s request and is universally affordable and accessible.”  This supports the central idea because it demonstrates a solution that states tend to ignore because of their opinions. Their opinions consist of thinking that abortion is murder. This thought has caused restrictions on women’s right to abort.   The author also writes “Ironically, it is restrictive abortion laws—leftovers from another age—that are responsible for the deaths and millions of injuries to women who cannot afford to pay for a safe illegal abortion.”  This supports their central idea because the laws on taking away abortion aren’t fair to women. There is no law that specifies abortion. A final piece of evidence that supports their central idea is when the author writes “ Since abortion methods have become safe, laws against abortion make sense only for punitive and deterrent purposes, or to protect fetal life over that of women’s lives.” This supports the central idea because it explains that illegal abortion is only making it safe for the baby, not the life of the mother. Sometimes a woman has to abort her child in order to live but making abortion illegal will only cause the death of a mother. 

Abortion shouldn’t be a right that gets taken away from women. How is that fair? How is judged? By men? In which they don’t understand the conditions and pressure of becoming a mother. Circumstances like health, financial stability, not being planned, and a forceful pregnancy like rape. At the end of the day, it is a woman’s body. The decision only matters to that person. No one should be involved or judge abortion when It’s safe and not murder since it happens before the form of a baby.

Some questions I still have are how has an abortion affected a life? I would like to research someone’s experience and reasoning for having an abortion.

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