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In the article, “Abortion Is Finally Being Seen As A Medical Ethics Issue” I learned that people believe that abortion is never the answer. The main focus of this article is to inform people how abortion is wrong in many different ways. I say this because Donna states, “If the issue were simply to separate the mother from the fetus, measures would be taken to ensure the survival of that baby until it can find a loving and adoptive home.” This shows the audience that the issue with abortion is not the financial issues or health issues, it’s the fact that they are taking an innocent life away when there are alternatives to getting an abortion. Harrison also states, “If the goal as stated by abortion-rights proponents is nothing more than the well-being of the woman, there is a support infrastructure of thousands of pro-life pregnancy centers and adoption agencies that offer better and lower-risk options for her own health, as well as multiple forms of support for when the baby is unwanted by one or both of her parents.” This goes to show that there is support for mothers that aren’t able to take care of their children after birth but at least they have a chance at life whether it’s with the mother or not.

I can make a connection to this from the world because the medical field is supposed to do their best from others survival not worsen it.I can imagine where premature infants are able to survive and just get their lives taken for a “dumb” reason.The problem with abortion isn’t the health for the mother but it’s that they are taking an innocent person’s life. I agree with the pro-life pregnancy centers because they are willing to provide extra help to those who don’t want their baby after birth and also provide support within their health.

As I continue to learn more about the pros and cons of abortion my mind can change but for now I believe abortion is wrong.

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October 20, 2023 3:33 pm

When it comes to the discussion between being pro-life and pro-choice there is a lot of nuance in this conversation. While I personally disagree with you on many points I commend you for acknowledging that your opinion may change. I recommend you read this article in which this quote describes the core of why I am pro-choice, “But I do not believe that life as we know it starts at conception. I am troubled by the implications of a fetus having legal rights because that could pit the fetus against the woman carrying the fetus; for example, if the woman needed a medical procedure, the law could require the fetus to be considered separately and equally.” This idea of how we prioritize a fetus over the mother is a heated rooted in misogyny and the patriarch. I wonder if you would be willing to research this idea of reasons to get an abortion and cross-reference it with the pro-life stance.

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