Audre Lorde’s essay, “The Transformation of Silence into Language”, is an empowering story that talks about the difference between silence and speaking. Lorde talks about how staying silent is more harmful than speaking out. If you do not speak out when someone is hurt, and you let the pain continue, then you are helping the oppressors and are therefore guilty. Lorde mentions listening to others and making sure to help them. She says, “And where the words of women are crying to be heard, we must each of us recognize our responsibility to seek those words out, to read them and share them and examine them in their pertinence to our lives.” She is encouraging and guiding the readers to listen to the people around them, and help them when they are in need. She also mentions that it is not distance or difference that makes it harder for us. She writes, “It is not the difference which immobilizes us, but silence. And there are so many silences to be broken.” She is saying that just because you do not know someone, or do not live close to them, does not mean you can’t do things to help them. Especially today, with the internet and phones. You can now speak anonymously, and share your experiences and ideas. But when people do not speak, and they do not share their experiences, there is nothing to motivate others to speak. And the silence makes it so that no one will speak, or receive help from others, because speaking would be different, and you would think there is no one that would listen, or help you. So in turn, you are making it more difficult for others to speak, and since you are not helping them, you are helping the oppressors. In conclusion, we are guilty if we stand silently while others are subject to injustice.

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