A Poem by Kevin

February 16, 2018


A Poem

Something I did for class, but I am really proud of it


The Dragon and The Knight


Wake up, ancient wyrm! Tis I, Don Quixote, the knightiest of knights!

I have travelled far and wide, galloping with trusty Rocinante through many days and nights.   

Vile men and monsters stood no chance against me, so be prepared Firetongue. You shall be slain!

After today you will never breathe fire ever again!


Ugh, who is there? Oh, another measly knight thinking he has chance against me.

Hah! I have wicked fangs, sickle claws, and a smouldering breath,

That have sent countless heroes to their certain deaths.

   I will show you what a futile effort defeating me will be.

You talk mighty talk dragon, but when we clash I will have the end glory.

A perfect ending to this knight’s story

I will be the dragonslayer

My name will be in both bard song and prayer

Hmph! All this small talk is making me snore

So let us do battle for I am bored

You have swagger, arrogance, and a gleaming sword

But you will end up like the others before

They battle

Turns out

Don Quixote

Was Battling

A bearded dragon lizard