a poem is a lot like the streets of new york city
filled with different noises, languages, and smells

a poem is like a garden
it is something to nurture and grow

a poem is a mouthful of dreams, masked by words
unable to know their true emotions

a poem is like a shout in the dark
you hope others can hear, but it’s mostly for yourself

a poem is like a autumn tree
with multicolored falling leaves

written by Dr. J. McLawns (aka Mrs. Reed’s Creative Writing Class 2018)

inspired by “Feast Green and Stained” by Paul Cunningham

Image from Science ABC



  1. Rory 2 years ago

    wow I really like this poem. great flow !

  2. Ozzie 2 years ago

    Dawn I love the fact that you made a poem about a poem. I enjoyed the line, “a poem is like a shout in the dark
    you hope others can hear, but it’s mostly for yourself”, because every poem and writing has a meaning that is different to eveyone. The way you used such descriptive words all throughout was fantastic, and really gave us a sense to how a poem is written and the emotions you feel, to after it is written and the emotions others feel reading it. I poem i think you should look at is “?Poetry” by Pablo Neruda. It is similar in the way that you both treat poetry as something tangible and capable of making sounds. http://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/poetry/QMpoetry.html

  3. Emmanuela 2 years ago

    I truly enjoyed this poem because it was such a special and unique perspective to poetry I have never heard before. I thought the line ” a poem is a mouthful of dreams, masked by words unable to know their true emotions” was very true because as the reader we never truly understand the meaning behind the poem is or its inspiration behind it, its left to us as the reader to interpret from the words what we think it means. A poem this reminds me of is Perspective by Amy King.

    • Author
      Dawn 2 years ago

      Dear Emmanuela,
      We appreciate you taking the time to read our poem and respond. We like that you lifted up a line from the poem that you enjoyed. We read “Perspective” and are interested in knowing more about the parallels you are drawing between King’s poem and our poem. We are interested in hearing more specifics from you about content or form that clarify the connection between poems. We look forward to your response.
      Dr. J.K. McLawns

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