I remember when I was a little girl, I would sit on my couch and watch High School Musical. I would watch all the characters grow and see amazing people that they would be at the end of their senior year. They faced hardships, challenges, and roadblocks. But they were all able to put aside their differences, break through the barriers, and be all in it together. Looking at my high school experience recently, I thought that my graduation would be just like High School Musical. We would come together as a senior class, recognize how far we made it, and throw our caps in the air to celebrate. Then covid-19 came. And our world changed. We would no longer have a graduation. We would no longer get to see our classmates. We would not be the same as any other graduating class in history.

As sad as it is that our senior class will miss out  on these special moments of high school,  we have all had to put things into perspective. At least we get to go to school. Some students across the globe will not be able to return to the classroom due to their gender and their social class. At least we’re still breathing. Thousands of people across the country are on respirators fighting for their lives every single day. At least I have a home to live in. Many of the homeless are looking for a place to stay in an unsafe world. There’s so many more things to be sad about and to worry about right now then walking across the stage and turning are tassels.

For me personally, covid-19 has made me appreciate life. Before the Coronavirus happened, I was not living life to the fullest. I was just walking through life, and not appreciating the moments and people around me. I was too caught up in what was going on in my own mind to understand how lucky I was to be living in that present moment. I missed out on conversations, because I was too busy to be having them. I missed out on moments with my friends, because I was self-conscious of the way I looked. I missed out on opportunities, because I thought they would happen again. Life can change in an instant. Moving forward with my life I will always say yes to the things that I want to do. the moments or what you will remember during times like these. I never want to regret not taking a moment. I know that coming out of covid-19 and the changes that are coming in the future, I’m going to live life to the fullest. While things seem tough right now, I know that things are going to be better and that my life will be more fulfilling.

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September 11, 2020 3:12 pm

I can really connect with this because now I am really appreciative of life! I’m healthy, I am able to learn with school, and I can still have lots of fun. “I was too caught up in what was going on in my own mind to understand how lucky I was to be living in that present moment.” I really found this quote interesting with you being caught up what was going on in your mind. I understand we were caught up with your mind, but I don’t understand how that goes to being thankful. I do appreciate you expressing how much you feel about this pandemic. Whaat I hear you saying is that we should be very grateful for what we have, and live in the moment. This article really connects with me and I enjoyed reading about it.

August 26, 2020 3:50 pm

Dear hanna i am sorry to hear about this experience . However i am glad you brought this to my attention because i too am not having a graduation because of covid but i did no think about it the way you did.
What really stood out for me was when you talked about all the other things we passed up on in life.Also all the thing that we have and don’t appreciate. Due to this i now look in things from a different perspective so thank you and i look forward to seeing what else you got to say about things in life that i probably skip or never think about.

Reply to  andres
September 11, 2020 3:20 pm

Dear Hannah, I agree with you post and can connect to it. These are very hard times now and we all wish we could be with our friends celebrating these amazing steps in our lives. I moved to the USA last year and when COVID-19 started I was just starting to create stronger bonds with people. Something that stands out to me is when you said before Covid you were not living life to the fullest. That is very interesting and I agree with you. Before Covid everyone was always in a rush and had things to do, we didn’t have much time to stop and appreciate the small moments and things around us. You said that we have to put things in perspective and be thankful for having good health care and a place to live, is that what you mean? That we should appreciate what we have and use these difficult times as a way to reflect on us and how lucky we are. One question I have for you is how do you feel Covid has affected learning because you said that we are still learning and gaining and education, do you feel that we are getting a good education? Also, how was you graduation and how did you feel by not having you friends next to you?

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